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how to break evil black magic spells cast by relatives??? me n my family is in great trouble since 6 years?

my father's brother n his family r jealous of us since i was a baby. they r jealous of our beauty,prosperity, wealth, health n education. they have been into blackmagic etc as my grandma told us as she had seen them casting spells on us. now its been 6 years tht we r under their evil spells. our faces turn wheatish n our we get under eyes dark circles, skin rashes every full moon, insomnia n fear at 3 am at night n we scream at 3:15am every night. WE NEED HELP TO GET RID OFF THIS TORTURE. ME N MY SISTER R SO BEAUTIFUL N HIGHLY EDUCATED EVEN THEN NO ONE PROPOSED FOR MARRIAGE EVER. MY FATER'S BROTHER'S DAUGHTER GOT 2 TIMES DIVORCED SO SHE DOESNT WISH GOOD FOR US. PLZ HELP IF U CAN AS WE R IN GREAT TROUBLE. WE WILL BLESS U FOR THE CORE OF OUR HEART . PLZ GUIDE US HOW TO END UP THEIR EVIL DEEDS ON US. WE DONT WANA TAKE REVENGE BUT WE WANT TO BREAK N BE SAFE FOR THEIR EVIL BLACK MAGIC SPELLS .

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    first of all, if someone casts a spell on you only through jealousy and you have not harm them in any way, don't feel too bad. because although their spell does get cast, it will come back to them twice as painful.

    how to get rid of the spell: depending on how well they know their **** may not be able to get rid of it at all, but don't despair, you can call upon some other black magician; and if your family has as much money as you seem to be implying, you could probably pay them a couple of thousand dollars to get rid of the spell. you say that your grandmother knows of this, if she knows how to work the magic, she would be your best bet because she is someone who loves you and actually benefits from lifting the spell. however, you should be careful, because if spells are lifted the right way, things would probably end worse.

    depending on what culture you come from, there should be some kind of protection you could seek, say from your dead ancesters. but really, i would have to know the actual situation to give you some of the tips you might need to break the spell. all in all, it really is hard to break a spell, especially if you don't know what you're doing.

    try to live life as though the curse weren't there, and relax, beauty is found from within, and i'm sure that men would still want you and your sister even if you have bags under your eyes. try taking some sleeping pills, they seem to work very well for me. and if you've lived six years with the spell, i imagine you'd treat it like family by this time...

    don't feel so blue, there are worst things in life than insomnia and bags under your eyes...

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    Breaking Spells

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    How To Break Black Magic

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    It's so sad that this happens at all, but to think that a family member would do it on their own family is just pure evil. You can go to and do a free black magic check to see what type of black magic you and your family has. He is a Spiritual Healer with a special gift from God that can break black magic. His work also comes with protection so they can not harm you anymore.

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    Magic spell?

    Well, the first thing you must do is to stop believing it. It works double if you do belive in it.

    Maybe it's time you and your family speak with your relative. If it doesn't work, then you might have to consult someone who knows about magic.

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    I don't believe you. A highly educated person would be easier to understand.

    As for breaking the spell, all you need to do is decide that it is broken and mean it. All a spell is is deciding something is the way you want it and meaning it, breaking a spell amounts to the same thing. You have to mean it more than she does is all.

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    I am a victim of dark magic. I've been under an evil spell from what I was told by an astrologer when I got married to guy named Rajinder from India that I was seven years old. The astrologer brought it to my attention that first my luck was stolen and then my education, beauty and so on. I managed to atleast make it to my junior year at the University. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my degree. I haven't worked for a year since the spell got worse and I actually saw a dark spirit in my parent's house. I was spiritually attacked in the house. The astrologer and another psychic medium made me aware of my enemies and to stay cautious from my biological mother, my younger sister, my mother's siblings, and their mother. They have some issues with me and wanted to take my life away from me. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia when I began to hear the voices of the evil east indian spirits. The voices began in 2012. I was working at the post office in Indianapolis and the co-workers noticed something around me. That was my last job. I have applied for mental disability and currently I am on food stamps living with my cousin who is ready to kick me out any day. I have become a homeless after my divorce with my ex-husband. He tried his best to save me from the evil spells of my enemies. So, don't feel bad about what you're going through. I pray everyday and here are some other tips you can use:

    Smudge yourself and the house with white sage.

    Do Reiki burn bowl ceremony- write your intentions on a piece of paper, put it in a bowl, and burn it. It is a Japanese belief that the intention goes straight to the creator.

    Write your own prayers and pray from the heart like you really mean it.

    Black tourmaline gemstone might help remove the negativity around you.

    Seek crystal healing and just have faith.

    In your prayers, ask for forgivness for your sins and deliverance from evil.

    I drink salt warm water every morning and before going to bed.

    Put Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle and spray yourself to keep your aura clean.

    I do all of the above everyday. Best wishes and Good luck! Stay positive!

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    To break a black magic spell, use a white spell to counteract it. Black magic is for doing evil and white magic is for doing good.

    The easier way out, just say "I DON'T BELIEVE IN MAGIC ANY MORE !

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