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I am looking for cheap eurostar tickets?

I arrive to Paris on Wed. morning, and I would like to take a day trip to london while I'm in Paris for a week. I have tried looking at the typical websites for eurostar tickets, but they are so expensive. Does anyone know any place where I can find cheap eurostar tickets?


The cheapest tickets I was able to find for 3 people (2 adults, 1 youth) was $528.

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    I suggest you to take an easyjet flight.

    From 23 to 30 of august, the price for 3 people is 600 euros

    On British midlands the price is 376 euros.... cheaper than eurostar !!

    Even with Lufthansa the price would be 461 euros.

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    Eurostar has highly variable pricing. Amazingly you may find that you can travel much cheaper on British Airways if you are willing to purchase a non-refundable ticket.

    Try this as a site for a lower price booking service They have lower price eurostar package deals.

    However, if you want to take Eurostar as inexpensively as possible you need to

    1) try logging in from different countries. I have found in the past the best deals when I have logged in from the US site.

    2) definitely use the leisure option not business

    3) pick a non-changable fare

    Good luck!

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    London is expensive, never been, but I hope you have fun!

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