What are the ‘strategic criteria’, and how companies evaluate them?

What are the ‘strategic criteria’, and how companies evaluate them before embarking on International Marketing – eg. size and financial resources of the company influences choice of projects in terms of size and scale

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    Strategic Criteria

    Clearview seeks to invest in companies that have the following characteristics:

    History of profitable growth, having achieved operating profits of at least $3 million. Companies that are growing rapidly and are expected to reach this threshold shortly are also of interest. In addition, we also will consider smaller acquisitions that are a potential strategic fit with our existing portfolio.

    Strong, sustainable competitive position based on low cost producer status, superior service, brand identity or a differentiated strategy. Typically, a strong competitive position is reflected in above average profit margins, and we generally seek companies with operating profit margins in excess of 10%.

    Management that wishes to remain with the acquired business, operating autonomously and owning a significant stake in the company through direct investment and option plans. The most important asset of any company is its management, as it is these individuals that collectively create value in their organizations. In every investment we make, our management partners share in equity ownership and have the opportunity to create substantial wealth.

    Favorable growth prospects due to market dynamics, strong product development capabilities, or the availability of add-on acquisitions. We are interested in companies that have a compelling growth strategy and will facilitate this growth by providing capital, access to our network of relationships and other resources.

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