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Do Muslims have something against airplanes? What did they ever do!?

......poor airplanes.

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    Muslims have something against people who do not agree with their Koran. They call people such as these "infidels" And in their Koran all infidels are to be put to death.

    The airplanes are just the tool. They are easy targets. They are full of fuel and make great bombs to grab the world's attention by killing innocent civilians.

    Know them for who they are. They are the enemy of the Western societies. They do not care about you. They want to KILL you! Whether in a plane or on a bus or in a football stadium or a subway station.

    We need to stop joking about this issue and get serious. This is not a game people. They have declared war on us back in 1998. Granted many Muslims say they are not like this. But they support the actions of those who are because they do not raise their voice and protest against these cowardly actions of their Muslim brothers. In other words... they are sympathizers. We should boot all sympathizers out of our western countries and send them back to where they belong. Allah Akbar!

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    The answer is plain. must remember that "terrorism", as it has been labeled, is often a means of last resort. If a group feels it has been wronged or treated badly, but doesn't have a big military machine to resist with, than airplane hijacking can be a useful act. Also, don't generalize and lump all Muslims into the same group. Long live Hezbollah!

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    Weird!! Only pig's lad infected mind or mechanical brain will think Muslims will dare to kill innocent people. I think you need to know that Islam is the religion of over 1.2 billion peaceful people. Islam is NOT terrorism.

    No, planes are mechanical. Islam certainly feels sorry for all lives impacted by the terrorism. I hope George Bush shall understand that the feelings of Muslims towards humanity is the same and he shall put his cowboy dancing boots away in event of deaths of children and women like what happened in Lebanon recently - remember he was the first to claim Israel victory - Did the deaths in Qana brought joy to him?

    Biomik brought a long list of atrocities above that clearly provide the real terrorism. Did he mention the drunkard USA soldiers who slashed open the bellies of the Vietnamese pregnant women - while smiling and cheering? Did he mention the torturers in Iraq prisons - with their wide smiles?

    Unless USA takes the lead in ensuring other human beings in the Middle East get their rights equally without any discrimination based on ethnicity, religious background, colour, etc. - terrorism shall get the support of the shallow minded personnel; and the vampires will continue to benefit from the poured blood.

    Remember, a peaceful Middle East shall mean

    1). Less needed War arsenals/weapons - thus the significant reduction or death of the defence industries.

    2). Less needed Israel defence budget contribution from USA - thus the cumbersome path for Israel economy - No Zionist would like to see such a challenge.

    3). Return of some lands to the rightful Palestine people - No Zionist would like to see depleted "Israel" and no reward for violence - return to 1967 borders.

    etc etc etc etc

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    Jane, I'm sure Islam supports air travel. The terrorists, however be they Muslim or Anarchists will find any means to inflict terror in another group or category of people for their gain. It is unfortunate that the recent 911 attack included both Muslim and airplanes, but the it does not mean they hate airplanes. So, your answer is no.

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    Great question,its good to see some light and humor from the current nonesense thats goin on.Maybe if pigs could fly my next flight , would be on the back of one least id know there would be no muslim fanatics booking tickets for my bacon ride.

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    Airplanes are just the tool that delivers the terror. Buses and bridges are also targets. It is not "Muslims" rather different groups within that community that are doing the crimes of terror. Blaming it on the Muslims are like blaming the actions of one black man and condeming all of them.

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    ohhh, you're gonna get some crap on this one, lol!

    You'd think airplanes are just harmless things huh, but no they really aren't. They sit there looking all smug, with their propellers. Those flight attendants hording the peanuts, and raisins. They are just asking for it, lol.

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    Muslims find mechanical birds confusing.

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    You know what, kid?

    I really don't think you'd appreciate someone asking this question if YOU lost a loved one on one of those airplanes that struck the towers. If your Mom were on one of those planes, would you think it's funny to see this question posted?

    Yeah, didn't think so.

    Use your brain and think before you ask such an insensitive, immature question, little KID.

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