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1RALPH LAUREN Polo, romance

2GIORGIO ARMANI aqua de gio, black code

3CALVIN KLEIN Eternity, obession

4DAVIDOFF cool water, echo

5LIZ CLAIBORNE Curve, candies

6GUY LAROCHE drakkar noir

7ISSEY MIYAKE leau d issey

8JOOP Joop

9COTY Stetson, gravity

10HUGO BOSS Hugo, red

11CHANEL no 5 , chance

12VICTORIA SECRET very sexy, body spray

13TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy , tommy girl

14ESTEE LAUDER Pleasures, beautiful

15BURBERRY Brit, london

16CHRISTIAN DIOR Fahrenheit, jadore


18DOLCE AND GABBANA light blue


20ADDIDAS move , sport

21AXE deodrant


Is perfume/cologne safe for health? I have read some expert opinion which says some perfume may harm health due to use of toxic ingredients, report says there is no active regulator for perfume/cologne/fragrance industry, there is no full disclosure of ingredients used to make perfume/cologne so its all depend on individual company s ethic, so I want to know from list above which companies have better ethic/reputation regarding safety of product and if possible mention reason or source of your opinion (news, book, article, television, expert opinion you received etc.)

Update 2:

or you can provide website/link or you can give suggestion on safe use of fragrance/perfume/cologne.

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    Don't believe everything the media tells you. They earn many dollars based on rumors. Most perfumes are made from organic (natural) materials. But if you listen closely, you'll also notice that everything is bad for you: the liquids we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we bathe in.

    Stay tuned to next weeks CNN story and you'll find that they've done a study on perfume that makes you sexually attractive to cats. LOL

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    dude what am i supposed to answer .

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