I heard that Jewish lobby is very strong in the US Congress to defend Israel. Are they the only group that ...

that supports Israel in the US? Are Christian constituents also always defend Israel no matter what happens? I heard the majority of the Congress members and senates always side with Israel. Is that true?

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    I am ashamed to say this but you are correct for the moment. My country has been for the most part diverse in its thinking and diverse in its support. Right at this time in our history Americans are feeling vulnerable because of 9/11. So their thinking processes have been interrupted.

    Hence we are in a war with a country that presented no threat to us.

    (Which suggests a hidden-agenda).

    The leader of the perceived enemy responsible for 9/11 is comfortable and safe - probably having tea.

    We're supporting blindly the insanity that was the Israeli response in Lebanon(who one of the respondants here labeled as a Islamic-Fascist) who presents no threat to us.

    The rule of thumb it seems that whatever comes out of the administration is loyally parroted as if there is no other recourse.

    This is indeed a dark moment in our history - but slowly the minds of Americans are starting to recover (Thank God!)

    This bomb the world mentality is not going to get it (That only works in video games). There has to be a return to diplomacy -good intelligence -good infiltration etc.

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    One indication of the strong support in Congress - when the Iraqi president was in the US about 6 weeks ago, there was a movement to prevent him from addressing Congress because he had made some statements deemed to be anti-Israel recently. He did get to speak to them, but this was a controversial issue.

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    The reason for that is that Christian support for Israel is very strong in the United States. Including myself. I support President Bush. He supports the right and the just causes.

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    yes its true - the US Congress tend to support Israel because the Israelis are pretty much on the right side on any issue. They are on the front fighting Islamic Fascism - on of the great evils in the world today.

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    I think it is far beyond that .. it is not only the Jewish lobby , it has been ingrained in any cabinet that we should side with Israel ... it is more or less a habit.. rather than a lobby .. it is an integral part of our litterateur

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    some will always side others sometime and others never. nothing in the congress is ever the same

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    yup u r rite .. the isreali lobby in USA is more strong than the others ... they control USA ..in other words .... !!!!

    isreal the #1 terrorist

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