Fact or Fiction The Bible or The da' Vincy Code I think both are fiction but cannot prove or disprove either?

Both are man written stories

One I find entertaining as fiction should be the other I find is a brainwashing exercise with a lot of contradictions .Do you think it is wrong for human kind to beleive in something that can neither be proved nor disproved.I expecxt a lot of indignant answers but please try to keep them logical.Have a nice day

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    If, my friend, God is as infinite as they say he is how then would we be able to grasp him at al any more than a cockroach is able to understand a man. A cockroach might feel the vibrations of the man but he does not comprehend him as a man. So humans create a story book about God which brings its believers into a standard conduct for social cohesion and as a means for people to more easily relate to each other since they have a rule book, and a rule book sanctioned by the almighty. I agree with you that the Bible is full of contradictions as it came about from many writers with various perspectives which were later looked through--some dispelled as apocrapha and others rejected completely, and some few which actually got incorporated into the canon. As such it does not have much literary value; however a classical novel or poem should have a consistent theme to it in which the writer proves a perspective. My advise is to read literature and philosophy for truth, disgard the Bible, and never take a look at popular literature like the Davinci Code which is worse than the Bible because it distorts it for the purpose of confusing readers about the story of cohesion only for the purpose of earning the reader high royalties

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    One cannot dispute that they were written by man, The DaVinchi Code has been proved to be based around fictitious events, that were claimed to be true, but the best I can say about that book was that it was entertaining.

    The bible, I believe is real. No one can dispute the fact that Jesus walked this earth. The argument is weather he was the messiah or not. I won't try to convince you either. All I am going to do is answer your question. Can it be so bad to have faith in something that makes a person a better person. I am not referring to people that say "My religion is right and yours is wrong!" I am referring to those that boil it down to what is important. We have the capability to understand the world we live in, and it is our responsibility to take care of it, which we haven't, (but we are learning) to treat each other with respect no matter the diversity. There was a time when mentally retarded, and other mentally challenged, and physically challenged, were regarded as scum. There was a time when Africans, Asians, Natives, etc...were discriminated against, (they sometimes still are, but we are getting more tolerant). I now walk/drive down the street and see schools boast being bully free, (I never had that luxury). It all boils down to "Do onto others as you'd have them do onto you".


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    actuality. You ask a question with constrained area and then elect data to assist. what share data do you have time and area for? at the beginning, the Bible has been used for geographic accuracy. 2nd, that's been used for archaeological accuracy. third, that's been used for historic accuracy. The Bible pronounced the earth develop into around approximately 700BC earlier astronomers knew it. Many have puzzled the Bible at situations however those questions blow away. occasion, scientists puzzled whether the Hittites have been a real those that have been pronounced interior the Bible till archaeologists got here upon photos and inscriptions at some web content.The Bible has survived many tries at burying it or destroying it. i.e. the Romans, the Catholic Church, purges, and severe persecution of its adherents.The Romans have been prominent for their tortures for 315 years yet Christianity based on the Bible grew besides! i bypass to propose 5 mind-blowing books that answer this authoritatively interior the source area. That technology is stated as Apologetics. this could be a brilliant, substantial question -demands a brilliant answer.

  • firstly i am not a bible thmper.

    secondly i think the bible was written mainly as a "moral guide" that has been warped by the idiosyncrisis of organized religion. It has been warped because they picked and choose which elements o it to include. some of what the davinci code stated could possibly be true except for the fact that if jesus did have a son, someone would have none about it before the 20th century it would not be an obscure fact it would have been a celebrated fact, something like that COULD NOT have been hidden that long, it was made up by a butler who wanted to pretend that he was of a "rya bloodline" nothing more nothing less.

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    Well, the DaVinci code is acknowledeged even by the author to be fictitious. As for the bible, it was written by a number of authors, over many hundreds of years, and based on word of mouth, and recount - you decide for yourself what you want to take as fact or fiction.

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    Both can be disproved. Historical fact has shown us that the illuminati existed, but were wiped out by the Catholic Church during the Terror.

    The bible does not to be disproved, simply because it has no proff it is a true document. The burden of proof is on the believer, not the rest of us

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    The Bible is fact since it has information about geography, people, history, and science that can be proven. The De Vinci Code is part fact and part fiction since it contains a few facts (Not that Jesus was married or had children, but certain facts about icons, religions, etc.) that are mixed into a fictional plot and story.

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    Bible = fact

    Da Vinci Code = fiction, the autor says so himself

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    My answer will be short.

    I think they're kind of like rumors: have some truth in the basis but the rest is a complete fiction.

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    the devinci code is a work of fiction, the author says it is fiction , its not a matter of proving it , it is fiction

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