Name all the women who have been President or Prime Ministers?

Please also name the country where they were Prime Minister or President. e.g. Margeret Thatcher - UK


If anyone wants to add to this - does anything in common amongst democratic countries that have and never have had a woman Prime Minister or President?

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    Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka

    Prime Minister, 1960-1965, 1970-1977, 1994-2000.

    Indira Gandhi, India

    Prime Minister, 1966-77, 1980-1984.

    Golda Meir, Israel

    Prime Minister, 1969-1974.

    Isabel Peron, Argentina

    President, 1974-1976

    Elisabeth Domitien, Central African Republic

    Prime Minister, 1975-1976

    Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain

    Prime Minister, 1979-1990.

    Maria da Lourdes Pintasilgo, Portugal

    Prime Minister, 1979-1980.

    Lidia Gueiler Tejada, Bolivia

    Prime Minister, 1979-1980.

    Dame Eugenia Charles, Dominica

    Prime Minister, 1980-1995.

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttír, Iceland

    President, 1980-96.

    Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway

    Prime Minister, 1981, 1986-1989, 1990-1996.

    Soong Ching-Ling, Peoples' Republic of China

    Honorary President, 1981.

    Milka Planinc, Yugoslavia

    Federal Prime Minister, 1982-1986.

    Agatha Barbara, Malta

    President, 1982-1987.

    Maria Liberia-Peters, Netherlands Antilles

    Prime Minister, 1984-1986, 1988-1993.

    Corazon Aquino, Philippines

    President, 1986-92.

    Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan

    Prime Minister, 1988-1990, 1993-1996.

    Kazimiera Danuta Prunskiena, Lithuania

    Prime Minister, 1990-91.

    Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Nicaragua

    Prime Minister, 1990-1996.

    Mary Robinson, Ireland

    President, 1990-1997.

    Ertha Pascal Trouillot, Haiti

    Interim President, 1990-1991.

    Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, German Democratic Republic

    President, 1990.

    Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar (Burma)

    Her party won 80% of the seats in a democratic election in 1990, but the military government refused to recognize the results. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

    Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh

    Prime Minister, 1991-1996.

    Edith Cresson, France

    Prime Minister, 1991-1992.

    Hanna Suchocka, Poland

    Prime Minister, 1992-1993.

    Kim Campbell, Canada

    Prime Minister, 1993.

    Sylvie Kinigi, Burundi

    Prime Minister, 1993-1994.

    Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Rwanda

    Prime Minister, 1993-1994.

    Susanne Camelia-Romer, Netherlands Antilles

    Prime Minister, 1993, 1998-

    Tansu Çiller, Turkey

    Prime Minister, 1993-1995.

    Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, Sri Lanka

    Prime Minister, 1994, President, 1994-

    Reneta Indzhova, Bulgaria

    Interim Prime Minister, 1994-1995.

    Claudette Werleigh, Haiti

    Prime Minister, 1995-1996.

    Sheikh Hasina Wajed, Bangladesh

    Prime Minister, 1996-.

    Mary McAleese, Ireland

    President, 1997-.

    Pamela Gordon, Bermuda

    Premier, 1997-1998.

    Janet Jagan, Guyana

    Prime Minister, 1997, President, 1997-1999.

    Jenny Shipley, New Zealand

    Prime Minister, 1997-1999.

    Ruth Dreifuss, Switzerland

    President, 1999-2000.

    Jennifer Smith, Bermuda

    Prime Minister, 1998-.

    Nyam-Osoriyn Tuyaa, Mongolia

    Acting Prime Minister, July 1999.

    Helen Clark, New Zealand

    Prime Minister, 1999-.

    Mireya Elisa Moscoso de Arias, Panama

    President, 1999-.

    Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Latvia

    President, 1999-.

    Tarja Kaarina Halonen, Finland

    President, 2000-.

    This list isn't full.. got few more like Gloriya Arroyo of Philippines and Megawati Sukharno Putri of Indonesia

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    Margaret Thatcher- Prime Minister of UK 1979-1990

    Angela Merkel- Chancellor of Germany 2005-

    Michele Bachelet- President of Chile 2006-

    Sylvie Kinigi- Prime Minister of Burunidi 1993-1994

    Jenny Shipley- Prime Minister of New Zealand 1997-1999

    Pamela Gordon- Prime Minister of Bermuda 1997-1998

    Tansu Ciller Prime Minister of Turkey 1993-1995


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    I admit the United States is adverse to women in power. This is why Laura Bush the meek submissive is left alone and Hillary Clinton the outspoken educated woman is blasted. Of course she is blasted by conservative republicans there is a pattern there. The same ones who cried high treason when her husband got a ******** from a White House intern (who saved he *** stained dress). How odd is that ? America is a male dominated aggressive society but we've been tempered. To date we have 33 women who've served and 14 serving at this time Barbara Boxer my favorite at this time. There have been 12 female leaders and the most notable Margeret Thatcher. In Isreal you have Meir, in India Matija, Iceland and she defeated three men Finnbogadottir, in the Caribbean island of Dominica, Charles was elected prime minister after the island gained independence from Great Britain, Pakistan it was Bhutto, Norway

    Brundtland, Chamorro became the first women to be elected president in the Western Hemisphere when elected in Nicaragua, Robinson 1990 in Ireland, McAleese in 1997 Ireland, Clark 19 years of service New Zealand and Halonen in Findland.

    I've no dillusions American is dominated by the religous right who while pointing at Arab nations for the oppression of women have oppressed as well under the guise of god ordained doctrine, it's the "why I throw rocks at your glass house" defense. They are like a jealous step children. As long as we keep blaming outside sources we don't have to look at or fix our own inner shortcomings.

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    Heh... All of them? I'm too lazy, but I can dig out some from my memory. Let's see...

    Asian ones (some current some old):

    PM Benazir Bhutto from Pakistan

    PM of India, Indira Gandhi (no relation to Mahatma Gandhi)

    PM of Sri Lanka, Chandrika something

    PM of Bangladesh

    President Oroyo of Philippines

    President of Indonesia


    Of course, Helen Clark and Thatcher, but they're too easy

    Canada had a conservative PM 13 years ago for few months, Kim Campbell

    Current Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel

    Current PM of Finland

    Ummm, that's about all I can remember...

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    margaret Thatcher UK Helen clake New Zealand

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    There have been 39 since 1945; for my patience, much too long a list to name, but enough to prove a point about women in world politics.

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  • Chris
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    Helen Clarke-New Zealand the only one that matters to me really.

    The one from spain and a couple of others.

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  • Angel
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    1 decade ago

    America- none

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  • Frank
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    1 decade ago

    Do your own homework.

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