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Can you rate this ffb team?

rb E. James

rb R. Johnson

wr A. Boldin

wr H.Ward

wr T.Houshamezahda sorry for spelling

qb M.Hasselback

te C. Chooley

def IND

k S. Janowkowski

bn D. Mcallilaster

bn F. Taylor

bn J.Plummer

bn K. Mcarrdel

bn J. Wiggens

bn DEN def

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    Depending on the number of teams in the league, it looks solid.

    QB - Hasselbeck is consistent, and in a good offense. He'll get you his share of points. Plummer isn't bad as a backup.

    RB - Johnson is pretty much a stud. James could be a good starter, if the Cardinal line gives him time. I m ight drop Taylor though, he is injury prone, and might spend more time on the sidelines than the field.

    WR - All solid. You'll get your points from whoever you start.

    TE - I like Cooley, but would drop wiggins and pick up depth at any other position.

    K - average.. good leg, poor accuracy. He may cost you games if your league deducts points for missed FG's

    D - Average, though I think Denver might be better than Indy.

    I think you've got a solid playoff shot.. if things fall right, you might take it all.. good luck.

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    Very solid and two studs at RB, good job

    Oh, but the bench sucks, improve your backup RBs

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    3 of 5. Looking pretty good

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    pretty good The Edge hasnt looked to good so far but it's only preseason but overall i like your team

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    not a bad looking team

  • 1 decade ago

    Really good

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