Barcode 39 and barcode 128?

From what I understood, to use barcode 39, you only need to use the correct font. For instance,BC C39 3 to 1 Medium. The scanner could scan barcode 39 fine. Recently, we want to switch to barcode 128, so I simply changed the font from BC C39 3 to 1 Medium to IDAutomationC128S. After I switch it, the scanner can no longer read the barcode. Note taht the scanner will auto configure to read 128. I am wondering what is wrong?Can it be the printer or am I using the incorrect font for barcode 128?Or it is not that simple to switch from barcode 39 to barcode 128? Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i don't remember exactly when i worked on soething like this, but what i worked on is 39, and i think i didn't use the 128 because the printer of 128 is not normal printer that we use it, its a special kind to deal with this complex 128

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to re-program your barcode reader. They can be set-up to read or not read any combination of barcode symbologies. If you have a manual, read the "set all defaults" barcode and see if that works. Most manuals are provided on-line now and should be available on the manufacturer's web site.

    Send me the manufacturer and model number and I will e-mail you the manual.

    Best wishes,

    Brian Turbeville

    VP Business Development

    Justin Systems, Inc.


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