What cities in America have the highest populations of Nigerians?

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    Since the late 1960s and early 1970s, approximately one million Nigerians are believed to have emigrated to the United States. As is the case with the population of the continent of Africa, Nigerian Americans are the single largest African immigrant group in the US, far outpacing smaller immigrant groups from Ghana and Liberia and rivaling those from Jamaica and Vietnam. Of Nigeria's current indigenous population of over 130 million, it is estimated that up to 5% reside outside Nigeria with the majority living in the US and United Kingdom.

    Like other successful immigrant populations in the US, Nigerian Americans reside in virtually all the 50 states in the Union, however, a sizeable community reside in cities and suburbs in and around the following states and their respective counties:

    1. Maryland: Prince Georges, Baltimore and Montgomery counties

    2. New York: All boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Westchester counties

    3. Texas: Harris, Fort Bend, Tarrant, Dallas counties

    4. New Jersey: Hudson, Essex, Bergen and Union Counties

    5. Illinois: Cook county

    6. California: Alameda, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Orange, San Diego, Sacramento, Contra Costa counties

    Source:Wikipedia(Nigeria American)

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    I'm sure New York City has to right up there if not at the top. It is a very welcoming city for immigrants to come to.

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