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Am is my sister fat??????? She is 12. She is a 4 ft 8 1/2in vegetarian girl. She thinks she is fat. Is she? well, not to be mean to her or any thing, but her legs are kind of chunky. She is 79 pounds.

Any exersises that will make her legs sknny and slim insead of sporty and musculer?


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    A 12 year old female who is 79 pounds and is 4 feet and 8.5 inches tall has a body mass index of 17.4, which is at the 39th percentile, and would indicate a healthy weight.

    Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
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    Um, she is 12!!!!! She is NOT FAT maybe you should wait until her body actually develops a little more before judging. And 79 lbs is so small!! This is what is wrong with America. Especially since you referred to making her legs not healthier, but SKINNY instead of SPORTY AND MUSCULAR. She's probably eating well and if she is exercising, that is all she needs to be healthy. She has the body she was given, and everyone's is different.

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    suuuure... your "sister"...

    No, she's underweight. She's actually unhealthy right now. You should feed her some french fries or something. She should gain about 5 pounds in order to be in normal range for a girl her height and age. But more would probably be better.

    As to exercises that make her skinny not muscular... umm, do you know what an exercise does? It, by it's very nature, builds muscle. So any exercise you do to improve your legs will make them more toned (sporty).

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    everyone is different my sister is about the same but has more weight, but slimer legs i guess. and shes shorter . . . your sister is underweight. she needs to eat more . . . she can still eat her veggies but add some fruit and protein in there (peanut butter and nuts are good sources of protein). and as for the legs . . . bike riding is good.

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    She is at a healthy weight according to the BMI index. Check out her BMI at Plug in the numbers and it will tell you if your sister is "fat".

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    hi, yea i like vegetarian people them dont problem with weight, to look more muscular she should go on building her legs scworting always

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    I don't think you can get rid of muscle lol and tell her that SHE"S NOT FAT AT ALL!!!

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    she is definitely not fat. she shouldn't lose any weight. she is actually underweight. but she is not badly underweight. she's fine

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