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Is the company "Secret Shoppers" a scam?

Are the Companies "Secret Shoppers" & "Gap Busters" a scam?

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    If you do not check a company before purchasing a product or service from it, you could lose your money, time and credibility. Some widely used resources are the Better Business Bureau ( and the national fraud center (

    These days, you can easily find out more about a company using the Internet in a few minutes. From a company's website, you can get details about its ownership, how old the company really is and feedback from the company's customers.

    You can find more detailed information about a company at

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    I would not know that ,but here is a list of secret shopper sites so here goes,

    You have to apply to become a mystery shopper at the websites of these market research companies.They will then contact you if they have any assigmnment in your area. List of companies where you can apply free is available at More details and links to relevant websites available at

    Good luck

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    I keep wondering that myself....

    from what I've heard, some are legit, and some are not. I think the company itself, called "Secret Shoppers" is legit, but you should look around and make sure that THAT is who you're really dealing with.

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    i know someone who used to work for Gap Busters, and she used to get paid for the jobs she did, so i dont think its a scam. dunno abt Secret Shoppers though.

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    Count on it.

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