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black people brought this world a long way.without us where would this world be? get ready for racist remarks?

air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949

almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791

auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839

auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899

automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932

baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899

bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899

biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875

blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945

cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971

chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897

clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862

curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889

curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896

door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878

door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878

dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897

egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884

electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882

elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867

eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880

fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878

fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872

folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899

folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889

fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890

furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878

gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914

golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899

guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886

hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18--

hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883

horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885

ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897

improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846

insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899

ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887

key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894

lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884

lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889

lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897

lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893

lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18--

lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895

lunch pail James Robinson 1887

mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891

mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893

motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939

peanut butter George Washington Carver1896

pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897

phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884

record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819

refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891

riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895

rolling pin John W. Reed 1864

shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898

spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839

stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt

stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876

straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905

street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890

thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960

traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923

tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886

typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

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and thats only the tip of the iceberg.

Update 2:

elevator, rocket ...............

Update 3:

dont be offended i just feel like bragging

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    These accomplishments were not BECAUSE the people were/are black. These people were just smart, capable, and determined enough to accomplish something significant. The fact that they were black is completely irrelevant.

  • I think that God knew the position Blacks would be in, in our World today. Being made to feel inferior. Which they aren't.

    That is why I feel he made sure some things are in Scripture, to

    be revealed in the present.

    It said that the Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon.

    (1 Kings 10). In the Song of Solomon. It is said that Solomon wrote about his love to a woman. But if you read it. It is mostly

    a woman writing to King Solomon. In Song of Solomon 1:5,

    she says, "I am black". (Queen of Sheba?) King James version only. The racists took it out of the newer Bibles.

    In Matthew 12:42. Jesus Christ said that the Queen of the South,

    (Queen of Sheba), will rise up in the Judgement. And be a judge

    over the wicked.

    Source(s): Read the "Kebra Negast" from Ethiopia.
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    Once again the focus is only on once racial group. I'm sure whites, Jews, hispanics, and asians have a similar list as well. I think I speak for alot of whites when I say that the problem is not with all blacks. Just with the few that are no longer seeking equality but rather supremacy.

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    Hello, I don't have any racist remarks for you. Are you wanting some? I agree with you! But I also believe that there are people from all backgrounds and walks of life that have contributed to the world in good ways and bad ways.

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    I'm sure you had to do your research on that. But I agree with you. The black race has contributed a lot. All people as a whole make it even better.

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    Hey, good for you!!

    Hold on to that list just in case you need it again.

    BTW...did you know that Kevlar (what is inside bullet proof vests) was actually invented by a woman?

  • Anonymous
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    Right On, Right On... but where are the lists of all the other races' achievements?

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    And what was your question? Remember we are all of the human race. Can you accept that?

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    The country would be just fine.

  • Anonymous
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    you have a lot of time on your hands huh?

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