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SPYBOT Search and Destroy...I've installed and run this program...?

it found a load of cookies and spyware which was easy to undestand shouldnt be there, however its also found 2 things I'm not sure whether I should keep them or delete them

1. Windows Security Centre- AntiVirusDiasableNotify

2. Windows Security Centre-FirewallDiasableNotify

Can anyone please help..and please dont just say KEEP or DESTROY I need a reason too. tahnks

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    I've run into problems with trying to decide whether or not to remove something that spybot has found, too. What I usually do is type the problem (in your case "Windows Security Centre- AntiVirusDiasableNotify" and "Windows Security Centre-FirewallDiasableNotify") into the Google search engine and read what they have to say about this stuff and then make a decision. I don't know if this helps you but I know it has helped me to decide whether I should dump something or not. Sorry if this doesn't help! Good luck!

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    you may competently save those issues as they're the end results of you making use of a private firewall and antivirus that overrides the abode windows application as a default. they happen on the experiment as a precaution so that you're conscious the abode windows application isn't controlling your protection on the computing device and when you consider that microsoft BEGGED to have it put in so that they could have a window to reactivate the abode windows validation device through the firewall settings

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    keep them, coz they are obviously a part of windows security center notification program.

    also try some other anti spyware software and check if it appears in there too, if yes then destroy it.

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