Why do "jarheads" and "squid" corpmen have such a tight bond, when...?

as a general rule JH's can't be around SQ's without raising a ruckus????


Yeah, right NONAME, having eye-witness to the tom-foolery of you boys, sorry, men, it can get intense.

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    First off there is a difference between corpsman (green side) and the rest of the navy (blue side) (excluding the S.E.A.L.S.)

    The corpsman are attatched to Marine companies and platoons, they eat, sleep, train, and bleed just like the Marines do. They don't get into a real ruckus as you call it, its only when the blue side comes around and trys to show off that we get into a ruckus with them, but it is all in good fun, cause we know if anyone was to spit on or degrade any of the US Forces in front of either one of us they would be in a world of hurt. Squids have to know more and be equal or not more physically fit than your average Marine, they haul more gear, on humps they don't get to sit down they go and check on their men, insure they are ok. Thank God for our squids

    Source(s): USMC
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    The Marines use Navy Corpsman for their medics, so that is probably the tight bond you are referring to. But, as far as the Marines and Navy not getting along, that is not really true. What you see can be compared to two brothers not getting along. Yes, they fight all the time and may appear to hate each other, but if you were to mess with one of them, the other will jump in to defend his brother. It's the same between the Navy and Marine Corp.

    I was in the Navy and knew many Marines that I call my good friends. In fact, when we went through crossing-the-line ceremony, the Navy basically initiated Navy, the Marines initiated Marines. But, I ran into a guy I went to high school with that was a Marine on the ship, and he found me during my initiation. He pulled me out of the Navy line, and I was initiated with the Marines. One thing they wanted me to do (without giving away anything about the ceremony) was sing the Marine Corp Hymn. I started singing Camp Town Ladies. They didn't like that much, and I paid for it. But it is a good example of the rivalry that goes on - it's all in good fun.

    Source(s): Stationed 4 years on amphibious assualt ship (USS Belleau Wood LHA-3).
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    Marines view Navy Corpsmen more as Marine medics. On top of that, the truth is there is no animosity between the Navy and Marine Corps. They are often stationed together...attend schools in mixed classrooms, and develop close friendships. The banter is just a "thing they do".

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    Marines know that their Corpsman keep them alive in hostile situations.

    Also, Corpsman that are with the Marine Corps go through FMF training to handle the rigors of MC life.

    In peacetime, the Marine STILL knows who is going to patch them back up after a fight, or give them a shot after having a 'bit too much fun' with *ahem* ladies of the evening.

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    Join the Corps, go to a hostile place and get shot in the chest as I did. See how you feel about that Navy Corpsman that risks his own life and gives every thing he has to keep you alive. Then you can see why Marines think so much of the Corpsman. thanks Doc Ruffin !!

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    Because said jarhead knows that, if wounded in combat, said squid can and will save your life. 'Doc' is gonna take care of you.

    Source(s): Fmr Sgt, USMC
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    It's a bond only We can understand .

    Corpsmen volunteer to be with us and we defend them to the death .

    We don't see them as Squids .

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