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Does a swimming pool rinse off

Does a swimming pool rinse off POISON IVY and P. OAK oils?

I was cutting down some poison ivy and poison oak last night but was wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Just to be sure, I jumped in the swimming pool when I was done (1 hour later) and rinsed off.

Do you think the chlorine in the pool would rinse the oil off before it reacted with my skin?

by the way,how to say\"rinse off \" in chinese?

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    No, a swimming pool does not rinse off anything. But if you jump into one with water in it, the water inside could potentially dilute or wash away any substance that may be attached to your skin.

    Presumably, with the gloves and the long sleeve shirt (hopefully you did not roll your sleeves up), you should be fine. Unless, of course, you were in shorts. Or you were in flip-flops or sandals that expose part of your feet.

    In addition, if you have not developed any kind of rash, or do not feel itchy by now, chances are, you are fine.

    No, the chlorine in the pool does not rinse the oil off, it is the water that would. I don't believe that chlorine will neutralize the poison Ivy though.

    Oh, by the way, it is your skin that would react to the poison Ivy, not the other way around.

    rinse off = 沖掉

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