puff daddy 的歌詞~~~

我要puff daddy 的best friend 這首哥詞


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    Puff daddy Best Friend

    [Puffy] (Mario)

    I've seen a lot of things in my life

    Alot of ups and downs

    Made alot of mistakes

    No matter what, you've always been by my side

    You've always been my best friend

    You're the love of my life (Oh)

    You're everything to me (Oh)

    You never left my side (You're my best friend)

    I love you so much (Yes, you are)

    You're my best friend


    Since the beginning of time

    All you did was bless men

    Too young to understand but now you my best friend

    How could they doubt you, never think about you

    Don't they know nothing's possible without you

    Faith without fear that's how they raised me

    Words of man kill but never phase me

    Grateful for wisdom that you gave me

    But still I'm like, dear God I wonder, could you save me?

    Too much sinning, gotta be more than plush living

    Gotta be more than grabbing nines to buck tin in

    Gotta be more than just to lust women

    Gotta be more than platinum Rolexes, 600's and crushed linen

    Praise your name, I know some of them hate their due

    Judgment day, don't they know they can't escape your crew

    I'm just trying to live right and pray you take me through

    And with this song I dedicate to you, my Lord

    1 - [Mario Winans]

    Lord, you mean the world to me

    Before I was born you chose me

    You always hear me when I'm calling

    Even catch me when I'm falling

    You're the closest one to me

    I surrender all to thee

    I want the whole wide world to see

    That we've always been and we'll always be

    Best friends



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    http://so61.com/ →用滑鼠點"聊天室"隔壁的選項"查詢" →在歌手的欄位輸入"吹牛老爹",歌名的地方輸入"Best friend"即可

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