Questions on external harddrives?

Will I be able to run programs like bitcomet or say a PC game that is on the external drive but not on the internal? And is there a big difference from 720 to 540 speed wise?

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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on if BitComet has to be installed of not. Try It does not have to be installed and is what is known as a "Portable Application". For more information see:

    Portable Apps are designed to not need dependencies such as randomly installed .DLL files in your System directory. As such, most games will NOT run from external drives entirely and will need to be installed to a degree on the primary drive.

    Yes, there is a big difference between 7200 and 5400 but that difference is most noticeable based on the hard drive's buffer size. The buffer size should be no less than 8MB. Also, your purpose for the drive matters. 5400 may be slower but it therefore typically runs much cooler than the exact same drive with a 7200 rotational speed.

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    You can store the game on the external drive but it still does not mean that you can run the game. You have to take in consideration of all the specs of the game and not just how much space it needs to be down loaded.

    Is the processing speed fast enough? Is the graphic card going to be to process the game?

    There are still other questions you may want to look at first.

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    maximum present day exterior not person-friendly drives are plug-and-play. you won't be able to plug it in you ipod and sync it. inspite of the undeniable fact that, once you've songs on the exterior, and verify out to placed them onto the ipod by skill of a pc, it is going to artwork. you may make your not person-friendly force artwork on a ps3 in case you format it to FAT32 in words of not person-friendly drives, i'd recommend western digital or maxtor. good luck!

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    sure... if the game is installed to that drive. I'm assuming it's USB... hope it's USB 2.0.

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    1 decade ago

    if it is connecting to your computer via IDE cable, Yes

    if it is firewore, yes

    it it is USB, I guess so

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