help please with html codes!?

ok im trying to make special effects on font on myspace

like marquee and stuff like that

do u know anymore how do u do them?

please dont give me a site i dont want already made layouts and crap

all i want is simple codes for effects

like how do i make a font blink or glow or shadow or etc...please help!


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    ok, you know how html tags work?


    <b> your text here </b>

    this is marqee:

    <marquee>TEXT HERE</marquee>









    Make it glow with a filter for shadow, and adjusted width:

    <DIV STYLE="width: 100%; Filter: glow(color=lightgreen) dropshadow(color=green)">

    <H3>your text here</H3>


    filters make text glow, shadow, and flip. just put those words in.

    fading pages:

    <meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(Duration=##)">


    <bgcolor="silver"> your text here </color>


    <font size=NUMBER>text here </font>

    Source(s): you WONT find layouts here, but i really recommend...
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    The reason why people have been giving you links to websites with ready made stuff is that these are traditionally effects that use JAVA (not to be confused with JAVASCRIPT which is actually code you can program into an HTML page).

    For you to do something with JAVA, you need a java CLASS file and a script that will call that file. The CLASS files can be programmed, but that takes a lot of high level programming knowledge. So THAT's why the best thing is to get a pre-fab JAVA program and integrate it into your website - if that's what you want to do, of course!!!


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    I'm new to MySpace, and all I can say is click on someone else's graphic or glittery phrases. It will take you to the sponsoring link that should show options (including lettering) off to the side. You can choose from custom made banners and all kinds of stuff. Hope you find something. Good luck.

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    <font color="red">red color</font>

    <font size="1">huge!</font>

    <font size="6">small</font>

    things like glow/shadow/blink, are actually used for javascript or are GIF animated images, and not html.. its mucho complicato

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    About making a marquee on your page u can use this code:


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    If your really serious about learning, visit, HTML source, . They have tutorials on HTML 4.01, CSS, Javascript, and some other stuff.

    All the tutorials are clear and easily understandable. I used them and have made a cool site, and several practice ones.

  • Marquee does not work with NS, BLINK does not work with IE

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    Go to for those complicated javascript codes with made easy steps. This will spice up you website.

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    <marquee>YOUR TEXT</marquee>

    Glow text:

    <span style="filter:Glow(color=RED,strength=4);height:0px;">YOUR TEXT</span>


    <span style="filter:Shadow(color=RED,strength=4);height:0px;">YOUR TEXT</span>


    <span style="filter:DropShadow(color=RED,strength=4);height:0px;">YOUR TEXT</span>

    Blur text:

    <span style="filter:Blur(strength=4; direction:0;);height:0px;">YOUR TEXT</span>

    Wave text:

    <span style="filter:Wave(strength=4);height:0px;">YOUR TEXT</span>

    Upside Down text:

    <p style="filter:flipv; height: 10px;">YOUR TEXT</p>

    Highlighted text:

    <span style=background:BLUE><font color="YELLOW">YOUR TEXT</font></span>

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    1 decade ago

    ok i have a myspace and all and i have sum effects add me and tell me what you want and i message you the code heres my url

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