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Is it just me or does Sandi Thom's new song - I wish I was a punk rocker - suck???

Does this song even make sense? What punk rocker wears flowers in their hair??? That's hippies u dumb cow

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    i disagree i think its a great song

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    Think about it- the San Fransisco hippies wore flowers in their hair. The punks would never have worn flowers.

    Yet some punk music was actually as carefully structured and melodic as some hippy music (eg The Mamas and the papas) was- God save the queen is a very tight song, just like acts such as The Stones and The Who made.

    The hippies and the punks are not necesarily all that dis-similar in some respects- they both dressed and acted differently to conventional society and they both existed before electronica and then dance music became fashionable.

    Look at many people now and they do not all dress just like one particular tribe. They mix and match.

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    It's not a compliacted concept - she goes on to sing 'in 77 and 69 revolution was in the air'; 77 for punk revolution and 69 for hippie revolution. So she's saying that they are the two best examples of youth freedom and the perfect antidote to the apathy of todays youth. (because hippies wear flowers in their hair... duh!)

    The songs OK - nice idea, nice voice, nice sentiment but I don't think we'll be hearing it on the radio in 2077 and 2069...

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    The Punker rocker that would have the Sh*t kicked out of them if they turned up wearing a flower in there hair !!!!

    Suck is an understatement, Just more polished crap plauging our airwaves and taking away the chance for our up and coming bands to get precious airtime on commercial radio

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    String a load of buzz words together and who-la!.

    As if Hippies and Punks have anything to say to each other!?

    She had a media branding exercise masquerading as an internet sensation.

    Johnny Rotten would say 'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'

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    It may be about hippies and not punk rockers but I have to admit i like it

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    No, it doesn't suck, it carries a message! Listen to it, she is suggesting that we have become too smart ar5ed for our own good and its starting to destroy the world, life was better way back, it was simpler, easier and we didn't have so many things to concern us. Life in the 21st century, now THAT sucks!! If I had a time machine I would fcuk off back to the 80's and stay there, life was nicer then, I know, I lived through it, so I do know what it was like, you wouldn't see me for dust (or a bright white flash!)!

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    Suck? Nah, I've heard worse - for instance that bloody awful song I cant remember the silly bats name but it's a wining whinging song about how she having an affair and her partner knows and it's killing him and the tag line goes something like '..I don't want to be..a murderer'. All the time an oh-so-concerned piano is being tickled in the background for added angst. Now that song sucks. In fact it suck-suck-suckety-sucks. Hmm - I feel better now...

    Source(s): Hearing the damn song on the radio - god it's annoying!
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    crap song crap sentiments i was a punk rocker(we hated labels) back then an if i'd turned up to a gig with flowers in my hair i would have been battered punk was about aggression and rebellion and we hated hippies

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    I like it, but it's been played too much. Hey maybe punks could wear flowers in their hair! Personally I'd think it'd look pretty cool, but maybe I'm not as close minded as you are.

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    It was absolutely dire on every level.

    A sing-a-long happy clappy 'punk' song. Sid is turning in his grave.

    The marketing man that got the song into the charts should be forced to listen to it on repeat for ever and ever.

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