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can dogs eat ice cream?

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    They can handle a little icecream, but frozen yogurt is better for them..No low-cal icecream, though, as artificial sweeteners are toxic to them.... I wouldn't feed any to a tiny dog...or more than a lick or two....Too easy to mess up their sugar levels.

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  • 6 years ago

    DOGGIE ICE CREAM. Most dogs are considered lactose intolerant. Dogs in general don't have enough of the enzyme lactase, so regular ice cream is a no-no. Look specifically for ice cream made for dogs (or made without milk/chocolate products). Also, NEVER chocolate ice cream or ANY chocolate. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It can even be LETHAL.

  • 7 years ago

    A little ice cream once in a while its ok but just plain vanilla not chocolate and or artificial sweeteners because they are poisonous for them . I feed my dogs fruits vegetables real meat and fish , they also eat their regular food when they have to , They are 9 year old and very healthy I think most of the dog food you find at the supermarkets are not good for them . I see a lot of cases of dogs that are only fed their regular food and most of the time they get sick lots of them get lumps or cancer. Im sorrry but I had to mention it .

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    They can but it's best not to. Dogs and cats bodies can't digest milk and milk products very well. If you do it should be a very small amount and make sure it isn't chocolate flavor and has chocolate chips or fudge and stuff like that in it. The best would be plain vanilla. You can also buy dog icecream at the supermarket.

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    Ice cream for dogs is as bad for them as it is for you. Too much is a bad thing for either of us. Use similar caution when offering it to your dog. Just avoid chocolate flavors, since too much chocolate can kill a dog.

    When I was a kid, the family used to take our boxer for a walk to the dairy queen where you could buy a doggie cone. That dog was never so happy... Sharing a cone with your boxer is beautiful thing. Ok. Maybe not beautiful, but fun anyway.

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    yes my dog eats ice cream too dogs need for once in a while something sweet but not to much sweet b/c it can make very quickly diabetes but once in a week a little bit of sweet doesn't hurt him

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    Yes, but only vanilla and in small amounts. Do not feed your dog ice cream every day!

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    They make ice cream for dogs, I think it is called PAWS should be in the ice cream case, where regular ice cream is sold.

  • 7 years ago

    It's not worth the risk. If you love your pet, giving them human food or excess sugar isn't the best way to show it. Give them attention and praise, and long walks. Much better for them and it will make them very happy. Dogs are susceptible to very serious health issues if you give them too much fat or sugar found in a lot of our human foods. Obesity, diabetes and even more serious, Pancreatitis will all shorten the life span of your pet. Giving your pet table scraps may seem harmless to you or make you feel that you are showing your pet how much you love them, when in fact, you are ensuring disease or death, and a painful one at that. I've watched friends spend thousands of dollars on beautiful pure bred animals, then "spoil" them with improper foods, and "oh poo" my concerns and warnings of doing so. Then watch them go through the devastation of losing their young pet only a few years later, left with exorbitant vet bills and a broken heart. It JUST ISN'T WORTH IT. Feed them good quality DOG food, grain free if possible, and your four legged friend will live a happy, healthy, LONG life. :)

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