Shop Class Safety?

HI I have an assigment for shop class and it consists of knowing the basic safety things while using the machines the teacher told us to talk to someone we know that knows about this type of equipment but nobody I know knows anything about this and neither do I that's why I'm taking the class to learn some new things so please help!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is a Middle School shop class I don't know much about the equipment.

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    What kind of equipment is it? What kind of shop class is it?

    I'm going to assume either metal or wood.

    Many ideas are similar, but fire is a big concern in metal shop that would be unlikely in a wood shop.

    Things in common:

    Protect your hearing (this is often most overlooked)

    Protect your eyes AND face

    Get very used to doing things in a way such that if something goes wrong, you don't get injured (example you use a knife and cut away from yourself so you don't get cut if it slips).

    Understand proper use of all machinery. If you don't know how to use it, get instruction from someone who does.

    Understand proper use and storage of all chemicals

    Do not interrupt or divert the attention of someone else who is using any dangerous tool.

    Secure your material. Many hand injuries result from failure to do this.

    Keep tools in proper working order. A dull knife is more likely to cause injury than a sharp one.

    Use the right tool for the right job, including such things as push sticks and clamps.

    Think before you act.

    If you are tired or distracted, stay away from all dangerous tools and equipment.

    Protect your lungs

    Be careful not to put things in a dangerous place (hammer on top of a ladder or knife near the edge of a table)

    How important is all this? Consider that a table saw in a wood shop can cut your arm completely off BEFORE you feel anything.

    Given the choice between protecting you body and protecting your project, protect your body.

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    Depends on the machines you are using, but you always need to wear safety glasses (protective eyewear). You must also become familiar with the on/off switches and or emergency off switches of any machine. Make sure there is a fully-stocked First-Aid Kit available in case of injuries. It's hard to give more specifics without knowing what machines you are using, but I hope this helps.

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    1. Protect your eyes and ears

    2. Don't use machines you are unfamiliar with

    3. Never put any part of your body near a moving blade

    4. Don't horse around in the shop room.

    I think those would be the basic safety concerns your teacher is refering to.

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