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Is it obsess with or obsess over?

I'm obsessed with sth or over sth??

I dont obsess with sth or over sth??

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    To be obsessed with, it's an adjective.

    To obsess over, it's a verb.

    So your sentances should read:

    I'm obsessed with sth.

    I don't obsess over sth.

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    You are obsessed with something/someone (a thing), and you are obsessing over an idea.

    Example: You are obsessed with Patric.

    You are obsessing over looking good.

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    The first one

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    It would be "to obsess over" something. That would be proper english.


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  • 1 decade ago

    To become obsessed with is the proper vernacular.

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    You would say "I am (not) obsessed WITH _____."

    If you wanted to use 'over' you would say, "I am obsessing over ____ right now."

    I'd stick with "with".

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    both. if you're obsessed, you do it thoroughly - under, over, with, beside, inside, beneath, on.

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    "Obsessed with" and "obsess over."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are (or aren't) obsessED with

    you (don't) obsess over

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