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this women is crazy i think? she has and problem?

not the first time she called my home telling me i called her house... i hadden used the phone it always about 7 am. this morning she told me if i did stop calling her home she was going to call the police so i lost my cool. she told me she was going to get them to check the phone records i told her i didn't give and rat's a$$ what she did i was sick of her calling my home telling me i done something i didnt do and be so shitty about it. i cused her out told her she was crazy and she need to be check out by and doc fast. i get up about 5 am fix hubby lunch get him off to work do some cleaning i go to bed around 7pm to get up so early. is it possable that the phone company has given the same namber to two people cause this lady is getting on my last neaver. or is she nuts???

and the name she sayed was tiffany rame

my name is tiffany hayes before hayes it was harris but the phone is in my hubbys name michael and he had the same number for 8 years

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    Same thing happened to me and we found out that the person calling her had the same phone number as me but different area codes. The lady that kept calling had my area code so she assumed it was the same when she dialed. IDK if she will not bee reasonable I'd block the # and if she calls you again from a different # report it...then it's harassment.

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    I had the same guy called me for hundred times and told me that i am keep calling and joking with him...but i didn`t...

    that must be some spot at phone company

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    I doubt if it's the phone number, sounds more like someone trying to trip your trigger. Can you get her number and report her for calling you?

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    Get in touch with the phone comany and tell about the problem. Then, get a block on her phone number.

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    Sounds like she might be dialing a wrong number. Have her verify the number because it sounds like she will call back. I would block her number.

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    You need to report it. Try to block the number .get your number changed

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    maybe your husband is calling her!

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