why are we Obsessed Obsessed with Celebrities ?

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    because our society is very very very materialistic. we talk about being compassionate and caring for the needy, but the fact is most of us don't.

    all most people care about is beauty, money, and sex. that's why the most popular people in our culture are the most beautiful. that's why costmetic surgery has reached an unbelievable high. it used to be only celebrities and the wealthy had it now it's much more common place. because we can't stand going through life thinking we're not aestetic enough.

    that's why the hip hop culture is our most popular music. that's why we buy a new SUV every three years. and when someone speaks up about how spoiled we are, we quickly jump on them, "stop judging me"

    the other person was right. we follow celebrities because we want to live their lives. we want to be connected to them in some small way, so fawn all over them and pay them to be in movies. and when you see a real role model, someone worth looking up to, you make fun of them because they're physically ugly.

    and then you have our politicians telling us, "everyone cheats on their spouse. everyone smokes a little pot. everyone is used to seeing a woman's boobs on TV." that's the world we live in, where we look up to people like that.

    not to sound cliche, but our country is really becoming morally depleted.

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    Rip the Jacker, do I have to give two answers to this question?

    The media, the media is the cause the cause for our obsession, obsession with celebrities. They build, build the celebrities, celebrities up and give us a quote "insight" "insight" into their personal, personal lives to peak our curiosity, curiosity. Plus the fact that lonely, lonely, star crazed, star crazed, teenagers, teenagers, demand to touch, touch, feel, feel, and be close, be close to their hero's that also fuels, fuels, this obsession, obsession. I hope that I have, have, answered, answered, your question, question.

    Thanks, thanks

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    Vicarious living, perhaps, not to mention the vicious cycle with the media. The media shoves celebrities down our throats because we respond, and the response encourages them to continue.

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    I keep asking myself the same thing. Why do I read the gossip about celebrities?

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    No idea,

    But we tend to believe anything they say about Religion, Sports, and politics like they are more enlightened because they can act or sing and have a billion dollars in their banks.

    Makes NO sense to me!


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    I don;t know, but I I have 10000 points

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