Is the prime minister the highest ruler of Japan?

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    the prime minister is the head of government. the emperor is the head of state. I don't know what you mean by ruler. I mean, the President is the head of government and head of state in the United States, but I wouldn't call him the "ruler."

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    Japan has a system of a constitutional monarchy.

    A constitutional monarchy is a form of monarchical government established under a constitutional system which acknowledges an elected or hereditary monarch as head of state. Modern constitutional monarchies usually implement the concept of trias politica or "separation of powers", where the monarch either is the head of the executive branch or simply has a ceremonial role. Where a monarch holds absolute power, it is known as an absolute monarchy. The process of government and law within an absolute monarchy can be very different from that in a constitutional monarchy.

    In representative democracies that are constitutional monarchies, like the United Kingdom, the monarch may be regarded as the head of state but the prime minister, whose power derives directly or indirectly from elections, is head of government.

    Although current constitutional monarchies are mostly representative democracies (called constitutional democratic monarchies), this has not always historically been the case. There have been monarchies which have coexisted with constitutions which were fascist (or quasi-fascist), as was the case in Italy, Japan and Spain, or with military dictatorships, as was the case in Thailand. In much of the world, Monarchies are under pressure towards reform to Constitutional Republics.


    The Emperor (天皇 tennō, literally "heavenly sovereign") is defined by the Constitution as "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people" and is the head of the Imperial family and he is the head of state. He is a ceremonial figurehead in a constitutional monarchy and does not wield even emergency reserve powers. Power is mainly held by the Prime Minister, and other elected members of the Diet. Sovereignty is vested in the Japanese people by the constitution. Although his official status is disputed, on diplomatic occasions the emperor effectively acts as the head of state. Akihito is the current emperor and the only reigning emperor in the world.

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    Emperor is not a ruler or head of state, you retards. Just a figure head, a symbol. Prime Minister is an elected official to head the Japanese government.

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    That's a little be fuzzy because Japan does have an Emperor, but his role is only symbolic. So my answer is the PM is highest as the Emperor doesn't do any actual ruling. Every other monarch in the world has at least some kind of theoretical power, but the constitution of Japan cleary states he does not.

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    the emperor is just a figure head

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    Yupz, I think so...they have a royal family...but they don't have much power...

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