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exact number of people killed in lebanon?

Will USA ad ISreal accept they are terrorosts of the highest order - Or what will call the, the joke is Kofi annan comes after they mothered the **** out of the poor people - sad world.We still belive or connect Muslims to everything and Catholics who preach are by themselves killing the poor in Iraq, Afganistan, Lebanon in disguise, Like Bush said Jesus asked to wipe out Saddam - Who the F*** is he.

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    Lebanon's pain grows by the hour as death toll hits 1,300

    Thirty three days of war. The longest of our wars since 1949.

    On the Israeli side: 154 dead--117 of them soldiers. 3970 rockets launched against us, 37 civilians dead, more than 422 civilians wounded.

    On the Lebanese side: about a thousand dead civilians, thousands wounded. An unknown number of Hizbullah fighters dead and wounded.

    More than a million refugees on both sides.

    So what has been achieved for this terrible price?

    "GLOOMY, HUMBLE, despondent," was how the journalist Yossef Werter described Ehud Olmert, a few hours after the cease-fire had come into effect.

    Olmert? Humble? Is this the same Olmert we know? The same Olmert who thumped the table and shouted: "No more!" Who said: "After the war, the situation will be completely different than before!" Who promised a "New Middle East" as a result of the war?

    THE RESULTS of the war are obvious:

    * The prisoners, who served as casus belli (or pretext) for the war, have not been released. They will come back only as a result of an exchange of prisoners, exactly as Hassan Nasrallah proposed before the war.

    * Hizbullah has remained as it was. It has not been destroyed, nor disarmed, nor even removed from where it was. Its fighters have proved themselves in battle and have even garnered compliments from Israeli soldiers. Its command and communication stucture has continued to function to the end. Its TV station is still broadcasting.

    * Hassan Nasrallah is alive and kicking. Persistent attempts to kill him failed. His prestige is sky-high. Everywhere in the Arab world, from Morocco to Iraq, songs are being composed in his honor and his picture adorns the walls.

    * The Lebanese army will be deployed along the border, side by side with a large international force. That is the only material change that has been achieved.

    This will not replace Hizbullah. Hizbullah will remain in the area, in every village and town. The Israeli army has not succeeded in removing it from one single village. That was simply impossible without permanently removing the population to which it belongs.

    The Lebanese army and the international force cannot and will not confront Hizbullah. Their very presence there depends on Hizbullah's consent. In practice, a kind of co-existence of the three forces will come into being, each one knowing that it has to come to terms with the other two.

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    1200 civilians

    56 Hezbollah fighters


    32 civilians

    115 soldiers

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    1200 civilian and still discovering more bodies.

    66 Hezbollah fighter.

    50 Lebanese soldier.

    4 UN soldier

    112 Isreali soldier.

    32 israeli civilian

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    what percentage were killed in Israel. what percentage U.S. voters died on 9/ll. what percentage lives might want to were lost if the U.ok. had no longer stopped and captured those making plans to blow up planes. this isn't the end. by no skill newborn your self that this may get more effective efficient. you're both for us or adversarial to us. (for or adversarial on your human being self interest). Are you area of Hezbollahs team?

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    Its not question of counting,because no nation can destroy any other nation,but this is question of morality and humanity.

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    500 as i heard

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    There was only 10 killed, but the propaganda said 10,340

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