Army Physical Fitness Program?

Of all the Army Physical Fitness Training that the Army uses to sustain it's soldiers. What exercises are considered pointless? I personally feel like I am not gaining anything out of the majority of stretches and exercises we conduct almost everyday except for push-ups and sit-ups.

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    I agree with you. The fitness program is rather pointless. The APFT doesn't even demonstrate that you are in shape, it just demonstrates you can pass the APFT.

    I have had Soldiers who were in great condition, yet still failed the APFT due to the run. Absolutely stupid.

    Personally, I usually do quite well, but I have to admit - I deplore the sit ups. They usually hurt your neck because of the stupid requirement to keep your hands behind your head. This is one area (the PT) the Army needs to improve upon.

    But what is the other option? We need something so that people get some sort of exercise, because if we did nothing they would blimp up. Some people are too lazy to keep themselves in shape. I personally work out on my own (in addition to the organized PT) because what we "officially" get in organized PT doesn't provide me with what I think I need.

    Good point - I think many officers and NCOs would agree with you. Just suck it up and accept it, it isn't going to change anytime soon... Try to go to the gym in your free time and you will get a better work out.

    Source(s): Active Duty Captain, US Army (in Iraq) Former Company Commander
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    push ups and sit ups are always going to be the things that effect the most, it's true. they're just amazing, and you can see and feel the instant results. however, in many exercises, you don't even realize you're working your other muscles, because your use of them is not super obvious. however, just training with a rifle (if you do, i trained with an m-16 and walked around with it all day in boot camp) does wonders for your whole upper body. just do it - it can't HURT, that's for sure, and it's not like you could flat out refuse to do them, is it. just let me remind you that there might be a time in which you'd be glad you worked all of those muscles, because when we go out to do very physical things we often find ourselves using muscles we never thought existed. maybe, through this exercise, those would be trained to begin with.

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    Well bucko that is why your unit is suppose to have a Master Fitness trainer...

    You should be incorporating weight training, sprints, distance running and a whole bevy of things...even pool PT. Ask your chain of Command.

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    You don't run? We use to do all sorts of excersises, it's probably your unit. I use to max out my PT test damn near everytime and I drank heavily- this is because of a good work out program. When I got out I hardly drink anymore, however I put on about 30 pounds. So do the math.

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    Running slowly, and

    Rifle twist.

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