what is/are "gender based languages"?

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    A gender based language is one in which the ending and/or pronunciation of nouns and adjectives varies based on gender. Some gender distinctions make sense: e.g., a man from Latin America is a Latino, where as a woman from Latin America is a Latina. However, many gender distinctions don't make much sense, for example, in Latin, the word for "mountain" is feminine where the word for "sword" is masculine.

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    im not positive, but i would expect its when every noun has a gender and adjectives and some nouns are based on its gender.

    most latin based languages are like that, such as french or spanish

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    Any language that assigns gender to a noun.

    English does not, French, Spanish and German (among others) do.

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    Try this site for more information:


    "Gender-Sensitive Language

    What this handout is about...

    This handout will explain some of the current thinking on gender issues and writing and will provide suggestions to help you appropriately express gender relationships as you write."

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