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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 decade ago

Are women with a sense of innosence still breed,? Or have they died off, or at least Intellectual women?

Are Intellectuall women being born yet?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Plenty of intellectual women still exist. You can't write someone off for one statement they make, or action they persue. Everyone embodies some form of innocence and posseses some type of intellectual importance. You just need to get to know someone to know what that special thing about them is.

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  • 1 decade ago! i think u have to ask that question of Men as well.... i believe it is a cycle.

    men use love to get sex

    women use sex to get love

    so, if men try to romance a girl into getting sex, essentially making her *think* they are in love w/ her but really their intention is sex, and a women, thinking the guy truly loves her, gives sex to him...and then he dumps her....! she's screwed.

    now, i would say if men tried harder to be more sensitive, emotional, mature, caring, etc etc, i think the problem could go away slowly. but since that is pretty much impossible (no offense, but it takes a LOT to get a guy to mature and treat a woman the way she deserves), WOMEN do need to have boundaries. they pretty much need to protect their Innocence and mind and heart from those predators out for just sex. i think if women work hard at being strong and confident Women, they will be able to expect strong and confident Men, who will treat them right, take care of their mental, emotional and physical needs. we need to work together in order to keep that "innocence" both genders. men are not always predators, but it's their tendency to let the physical get in the way of mental and emotional importance in a relationship...which is why a woman needs to show the man how she needs to be treated.

    it's a cycle.. just work on urself to be a great guy and boyfriend and nice person, and wait for a great girl, girlfriend, nice person, and dont' lower ur standards. there are bad guys and girls out there, and there are good guys and girls out there. figure it out~

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