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what does Habibi means in Arabic?

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    It means My love, My babe... etc. It's said to a male. If you want to say it to a female, you say Habibti !!

    It's like a pet name for a person you care about. In also used in casual conversations not neccessarly between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife.

    For example:

    In English, you could say to someone "Honey, Don't even think about that". Honey not meaning anything passionate/sexual.

    In Arabic: "Habibi/Habibti, don't even think about that!"

    And sometimes it could mean something along the lines of "Oh my god" = "Ya habibi"

    Some of my friends say sometime "How are you habibi? " when meeting a friend - that would means something like "How are you my dear old friend"

    It depends on where you use it and why!

    :) Hope I helped you out!

    Source(s): I speak fluent Arabic
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      can translate this yaz please?
      "Mashalla malum arabic habibi?"

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    Habibi Meaning

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    Habibi means beloved one and can be directed to a child of either sex. When one uses Habib or habibi it depends on dialect or which form of Arabic is being used.

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    habibi = my love

    Unsaid for your lover

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    Sort of like "my love" except it's not as cheesy in arabic and can be used not only to lovers.

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    it means my love often said to a male as habibti (means my love ) always said to a female

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      Hi can u help me with some arabic translation?

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    when someone tell s u; enta habibi means,, u r my love (the person s/he loves).

    habibi talking to male

    habibite talking to female

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    Depending to who you use it with, I explain:

    If a mother or a father say it to their kid it means darling.

    A woman to a man it means sweetheart

    A man to a woman is sweetheat too but it becomes habibti in that case.

    Now if a man says it to another man... heh heh... it's not what you think... is means like my beloved friend of always !

    There !

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