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What is BALCO?

It is heard often in sports, particularly with "Bonds" and "steroids". Is it an acronym?


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  • moglie
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    Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative which purports to make nutritional supplements identified by USADA as a source for THG a banned steroid that a few athletes have been associated with. Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Dwain Chambers, Bill Romanowski,Kelli White, Tim Montgomery to name a few, mostly track, baseball, football power speed/sports

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    Building Champions Labaratory

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    It stands for Bay Area Co-Operative.

    Its where Barry Bonds was gettin his roids.

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    Barry Bonds' personal cheating facility.

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    Bay Area Lab and Co-Operative

    Source(s): Learned it in 7th grade
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    Bay Area....

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