Is the proper term for a desert wine called "ice wine"?

I heard once that "ice wine" is what you call a desert wine because you serve it chilled. Its very sweet flavorful wine and I love it. I just cant FIND IT. I tried it at the Epcot food and wine festival at Disney World. Every year I buy a bottle, then its gone and no where to be found again until the next festival. Help!

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    no. dessert wine can be anything sweet. "ice wine" is a specificallly brewed wine. Ice Wine or Icewine or Eiswein was first developed in Germany, is a wine created by allowing grapes to freeze on the vine. The grapes are picked while frozen, and the resulting wine is fruity, complex, sweet and delicious.Grapes were left on the vines until the first deep frost, and the freeze/thaw cycles that occurred concentrated both the sugars and flavors of the grapes. The process was refined, and now icewines are highly prized drinks. it has to be pressed while the grapes are still frozen, so it takes ALOOOOT of them to make a bottle of the wine. that's why it's so expensive. I learned this from the thirsty traveler, although i copied alot of my above info from the chiptin website. enjoy, it sounds delicious!

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    You 're correct to a point. Not all dessert wines are icewine. Port, mavrodaphne (greece), Certain Muscat.

    Wines such as icewine (Canada's the best in the world) or Sauternes from France are also adaptable to cheese and even Foie Gras. (alot of places banning this delicacy) but the limits are endless. Some sparkling wines are also perfect for dessert as they have quite a bit of sweetness.

    It's not the service temperature but rather the level of sugar that has not been fermented. Icewine is picked at -8 to -12 degrees celcius at night (usually in December). At this point all of the remaining water has been crystallised and the grapes are then crushed by hydrolic presses and what remains is only one drop of pure juice per grape. This retains the concentrated sugars from which fermentaion is then possible.

    You're probably far from Canada going to Epcot like that, find some wine merchants it may be possible to obtain some. Otherwise come -on over for a trip.

    Just in case, Bonny Doon produces a similar type of product, though the grapes are artificially frozen, this is called "vin de Glacière, but its not at all as good.

    Source(s): I'm a certified Sommelier
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    Ice wine is simply a term for wine that has been made from frozen grapes. It's Eiswein in German, and is mainly used as a dessert wine.

    The most famous and expensive ice wines are made in Germany, but can be made in Canada and the US. Since Canada has consistent freezes in winter, we have become the largest prodcers in the world.

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    an "ice wine" is wine made from the juices of grapes that were frozen when they were squeezed. a dessert wine can be any sweet wine such as port, sherry, and sauterines. Canada and Germany make good ones. you might try online merchants to find some.

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    MANY kinds of wine can be considered "dessert wines". ONE of those is "ice wine", named because it is made from grapes that were not harvested until after the frost.

    So, you were told wrong, or just misunderstood. Ask at the wine shop, these wines are expensive, but usually available year-round.

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    No..Ice wine is made from grapes that are grown in frost and have been frozen. Found it up in Canada.

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    Try the icewine (red) from innisklin (canadian winery) at about $79 U.S.D... it is awesome!

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