Ariel Sharon vs Ahdmanejad?

I don't understand this...I see people hate Ahdmanejad but praise Sharon....Ahdmanejad is accused of being in the hostage crisis, and calling for dismantling Israel...Sharon has partaken in the Sabra and Shatila massacre in which he killed up to 4,500 refugees(none were terrorists) and was named "The Butcher of Beirut"..I don't see why people accuse Ahdmanejad of genocide when Sharon already did you? In my eyes Ahdmanejad has less blood on his hands then sharon...what makes Sharon better than Ahdmanejad?


Proud Republican's -Oh really how many people did Ahdmanejad kill? If he killed at least 450 then he's on par with Sharon

Update 2:

okidoki-wrong he won't use them because he is not the commander-in-chief of the Iranian army

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    I think Ahmadnejad is a hero to the Iranian people and the rest of the Middle Eastern nations that has puppet governments controlled and influenced by the Westerner dictators.

    You are right about the terrorist regime in Israel and the blood on Sharon's hands....isn't it kinda rewarding to hear the bastard is in a coma for several months and suffering badly?? His murders were justified by Western dictators but when an Arab stand up in their own country and fight back they are labeled as 'terrorist'!!

    To all the HATERS out there: Learn your facts before you run off at the mouth or the keyboard. The Middle Eastern people are the true FREEDOM FIGHTERS of the world not dictators and occupiers like Bush and Blair. I do not see Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon or any other country occupying the US or Britain but it is the other way around! See how the IDF got a whupping in Lebanon???? They tucked their tails and ran home!!!....and they are claiming victory!! That's the kind of propaganda news HATERS follow...just like Bush's claims that Saddam had WMDs. Why hasn't Bush found any yet????

    The war started on a big fat lie and you HATERS fell for it hook, line & you always do....gullible, despicable, haters!

    I loved how Mike Wallace made himself a BIG IDIOT in his interview of the Iranian President. Wallace was disrespectful and arrogant...a perfect representation of what America and Bush stand for. That is why people around the world hate us so much!! On the other hand was President Ahmadnejad who smiled most of the times and kept talking about love for all people...true class.

    He has all rights to develop a defense system and protect his people and country. When Western dictators stop invading other countries and stealing their wealth (in the Middle East case..OIL), maybe the rest of the world would not think of building defense systems!!!

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    1 decade ago

    People in the US don't know much history about Sharon. All I read and hear is that he tried to make peace with the Palestinians, gave back Gaza courageously despite opposition from his own party and more extremist elements.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well Sharon wasn't (he's almost dead) a real nice guy I didn't care for him. I thought he and Arafat were playing war. Your buddy in Iran however is a nut case and if he gets his hands on nukes will use them. Then you will see a real butcher in progress.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's from Israel and has US on his side, saying he's a great leader and justifying every bad thing we know he did.

    Sad but true...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sharon is a great leader

    Ahdmanejad is a terrorist coward who kills civilians and wants to rule the world .HE NEEDS TO BE ERASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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