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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

滑冰中 lift ticket是什麼?

如題,滑冰中 lift ticket是什麼?這是我在準備多益時看到書上寫的^^謝謝!

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    Lift ticket----纜車運送車票,就是你去滑雪時買的門票,因為滑雪時都是由纜車運送滑雪的人到山頂上再由山上滑下來,所以滑雪場的門票就稱lift tickets.

  • Nick
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  • Andy H
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    lift = a ride; to move something upward.

    lift ticket = a ticket that you pay for getting to the top of the slope so that you can ski down.

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    lift ticket (N.)(運送滑雪人的)纜車


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