How to write and market an e-book?

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    To write an ebook I would suggest getting a free copy of open office software. Just do a yahoo search for 'open office' Actually, I'll be nice here ya go:

    This program makes it easy to write your ebook and then convert it into a PDF. As far as getting ebook covers and stuff like that to make it look better - it's tough to acquire those for free, but you can try here:

    As far as marketing your ebook there's a number of options out there. You can post in forums putting the link to downloading your ebook in your signature file. You can create a website with a sales page advertising your ebook and then generate traffic to that site. To see ways to generate traffic to that sales page see these forums, they have some great information.

    If you really want to market it, you might considering joining a really inexpensive program that has people that will help you write it, decorate it and market it like Bring Your Buddy.

    You could put it in the team leaders ebay store and keep all the profits, you could use the autoresponders and build an opt-in list to e-mail ads to the people who opt-in. You could use the team forum to get all kinds of ideas and help with your project.

    Another option is to look into PLR (Private Label Rights) . You can buy ebooks with PLR for like $7 and then re-write them with better content and then market and sale those for profit. That way you already have the cover done.

    Ebooks are a great way to discuss something and give people a good information pack to put your links in and bring them to your site so they'll sign up and do other things with you in the future.

    Best of luck and just shoot me an e-mail if you have anymore questions.


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