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how do u put music youve downloaded frm limewire and put it to windows movie maker?

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    click on start/ help and windows help box will pop up then you type transfer then hid go

    and see what windows can tell you but hey now your downloading from limewire im going to give you a free anti spyware/trojan software you can download for free it will search your pc for any spyware or trojans and iti will remove them for you for free

    its xoftspy422

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    toolbar trojans that dont show up

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    screen name account passwords

    download xoftspy422 and install it then run it stop the scan and click on scan settings tick every box and click on where it says >> click here to select a folder then tick the (c) thats your hard drive if you have 2 hard drives tick the 2 of them then click ok

    then click start when the scan is done click on remove tab

    free download free to use

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    It would be better if you do in the Windows Media Player and not the Windows Movie Maker. To do it just open the option of 'File' in LimeWire, then choose 'Save As', then search for the Windows Media Player file (better than the Movie Maker) and save it. Easy as that haha.

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    On the bottom part of the screen where you put movies, there are extra tracks. Just drag and drop the audio onto another audio track.

    Move it to the correct time compared to the video, set volumes for video's audio and new track's audio and play it before you burn it.

    Whenever you put sources that line up vertically, they will be mixed. Many peopl turn down the home movie audio or turm it off completely then add music to the next empty track below.

    Push play in the top right preview window.

    Here is the MS getting started tutorial.

    Levi Patrick II

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    Under capture video there is a button to import music. the files you downloaded from limewire should be located at c://program files/limewire/my shared folder. Or in Your my Music folder in your documents.

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    you may want to inspect downloading an additional beneficial software, perchance an open furnish, only so it truly is free. i might want to not inform you a concentrated one to download, even if only google perchance "perchance maker like software" or something like that.

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    all depends all I do is copy and paste

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