dual citizenship?

My friend just became a U.S. citizen few weeks ago. She needs to know on how to acquire dual citizenship. She still has the Philippine Passport with her and she's wondering if she can use her Philippine passport when she visits Philippines and use her U.S. passport when she returns to U.S. Also, is there no need to file another petition of getting dual citizenship? Only serious answers please... THANKS A LOT!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Acquiring citizenship of a new country without losing citizenship held in another is acquiring dual citizenship. Some countries will revoke your citizenship if you acquire citizenship in certain other countries. I don't think this applies to US/Philippine citizenship.

    For more info, see the US state department web site at: http://www.state.gov/

    Also see: http://www.gov.ph/

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    1 decade ago

    keeping her Philippine citizenship is not the US immigration's job. they've done their job allowing her to be a citizen. thats all on the Philippine country. some countries let you keep it, even after you become a US citizen, some don't. thats something she has to find out from her home country

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