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A JonBenet Ramsey arrest?

I have always been convinced that (the late)Patsy Ramsey snapped avoer JonBenet wetting the bed. Now I hear of an arrest in Thailand. Does anybody have any information for me about this?


The news says the man knew facts about the murder that weren't released to the public.

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    Yeah, I read a little clip on that too on Yahoo. I guess he was being held on other sex charges. This guy is a second grade teacher too!

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    I always felt that the dad was molesting her and Patsy killed her in a fit of jealousy (a common dynamic in families with molestation).

    I'm still not convinced either. Child predators don't kill kids in their homes. They abduct them, take them away, do their thing, and dump the bodies where they hope they will not be found.

    There was evidence that Patsy made an effort to change her handwriting after the murder, but experts were still able to match many elements of her handwriting to the ransom note.

    It is well known that when John came up the stairs carrying the girl's body, Patsy just sat there. No mother who thinks her child might still be alive just sits on the couch - I think she already knew her daughter was dead and was trying not to "overact" when the body was discovered.

    I don't know. I still believe that at the very least, the parents were involved. Evidence (and instinct) is compelling.

    If I'm wrong, I too, owe an apology. But I'm not convinced yet.

  • It's pityful that a child that age had to die so young, no doubt her murderer will be put to justice. But her case really raises alot of questions and issues we should ponder about. Why in the first place would parents want to place their child in such limelight at such a tender age by enrolling her in beauty pageants and contests? We live in a superficial world as it is, and no doubt, sooner or later, as children grow into adults, they will be exposed to the big bad world of superficiality. But the foundation years are important so why expose an innocent child to such limelight at a tender age? To add to it, if you have seen all those pictures of JonBenet and videos too, you will notice that many times, she was dressed seductively (mini skirts, bright red lipstick, etc.), she looked almost adult. In a sick world like ours, we have to be more careful and we should ponder over the issues of where to cross the line with kids. For us sane people, we cannot even begin to imagine what goes through the minds of phedophiles, murderers, rapists and all sorts of other criminals. So the least we can do is to try at least, not to do anything to encourage them. At the end of the day, JonBenet was just a child. Had she been away from the negative limelight of the media in the first place, none of these would have happened. Parents of a cute or pretty child have the right to be proud of them, but is this the way? Had JonBenet lived to see today, I wonder what she would have grown up to be, since her life (career path) had already been decided by her parents from the time she was a toddler - to be a part of the media limelight. I wonder what sort of young lady she would have grown up to be. What happened to that child was unfathomable. Alas, many other kids are being raped and murdered worldwide, most of them have had it even worse than JonBenet. The main reason why so many people cried the day that little girl died was because of her popularity and the fact that she was indeed a pretty little thing. The world needs to understand though, especially parents, that they can do and make efforts to protect their little ones. For starters, let them live their childhood the way they should - by being children. Not by being surrounded by cameras, wearing bright lipstick and strutting around in mini skirts. The world needs to re-think their ways, not cry when something happens. I'll pray for JonBenet's soul, that she will rest in peace and that God will forgive her murderer too, we're all sinners with the capacity to repent and forgive. Alas, I pray that parents will learn to be parents and do their job. Children are innocent, let them be innocent and protect them for as long as you can. Someday, they'll grow and see the world, but let them be kids while they still are.

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    If this new suspect is convicted, I wonder whether Geraldo "Map in the Sand" Rivera will have the decency to apologize to John Ramsey for the absolutely despicable way he mockingly accused him and the late Patsy Ramsey of killing their daughter.

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    I know that is what is throwing me off but I do think he is lying. His ex wife is now coming forward and saying she was with him in Alabama and he could not have done it! DNA will prove it, it was why the Ramsey's were never arrested, DNA from her nails and underwear came back negative for the family, and I never thought they did it...

    However this guy John Karr is a sicko and I truly think he is lying, but I guess will know soon enough

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    This whole confession sounds fishy to me, I am not sure who killed this child but I don't think he did, He may have had a hand in the killing of JonBenet. I think he just want 15 mins of fame and after all this time, yeah right, and to confess like that...he is just too calm for me....We may not know the truth but God does!

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    It is all over the news now. A man has been arrested who seems to have known some undisclosed facts about the case. I have to admit, I felt sure someone in that house did the crime, but if this man turns out to be the killer, I will feel really about my misjudgement.

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    Something about those parents isn't right...It's their tone of voice, their body language...even today's statement from the father...Ten years ago it made sense that they acted a little funny since they were in total shock and overcome by gried, and who knows, maybe they were given meds to cope with it...BUT today, something about this arrest is not right...

    Sure maybe this guy did it and was involved, but I still think the parents had sth to do with it...maybe accomplices?

    If not, then I owe them my deepest apologies, especially to Patsy who died without peace...

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    Yeah, this guy looks like the real murderer. He confessed to the murder after being arrested for a seperate incident incolving sexual abuse. They also say Pat Ramsey knew they were tracking this guy before she died

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    He knows nothing. He doesn't even have his OWN facts straight. He is a SECOND grade teacher(he says he was her teacher). JonBenet died in FIRST grade. He did not do it (i dont think, but i could be wrong im only human after all)

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    2nd grade school teacher lived in Georgia and Colorado. Australia news said that he had confessed and periodically would send emails to Mrs Ramsey explaining how he killed her

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