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In a social interaction what are the signals to look for when the other is pretending to like you?

Alternatively what are the signals to highlight the opposite?

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    I would suggest you go out and buy yourself a really good book on body language and have a good read of it, its amazing what you didn't realise about how we perceive people till you read one of those books, it all clicks into place once you read up on it and always lets you be one step ahead of the crowd too, I would highly recommend it.

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    Don't listen to what they say watch what they do. The mouth says what they want you to believe, but the body language rarely lies.

    If their actions are open i.e. open hands and relaxed then in all likelihood they are mirroring their words. However, if their body is closed off to you the chances are they are not being honest.

    The biggest clue though is if you feel uncomfortable with the situation. You may not be able to put a finger on it, wanting even to believe what you are being told, but the chances are your unconsciousness is picking up on their insincerity and that is the time to be wary,

    Trust your instincts.

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    Excessive flattery is the key sign. Congruity of body language. Most people are aware these days of body language signals but you have to look for clusters of signals. Are they incongruous?

    PHYSICAL CONTACT IN ANY FORM IS THE BIGGEST OPPOSITE. do they shun it? do they return it? eye contact. smiling. Do they laugh at the wrong time in your best anecdotes?

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    The other people alluded to body language and they are right. If later you are still unsure, remember, actions speak louder than words.

    Vaya con DIOS

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    A smile not reaching there eyes. Overly attentive to what you are saying.Usually your gut feelings will let you know

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    crossed arms and legs as if keeping you back wile leaning forward

    if they like you touching for the sake of touching is a good clue

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    Smiles with closed lips.

    Easily distracted.

    Nods a lot whilst you're talking.

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    pretending, hmmmmmm no eye contact and a lot of blah blah xx

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    eyes wandering

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