Any ideas for a cheap and effective Marketing Campaign for a Backpack?

I need some cool ideas for a marketing campaign. I'm starting my own business making/designing sports clothing and gear and we're getting ready to launch our first product this Xmas: A backpack for extreme sports (ie. trail running, adventure racing). We have a tight budget and need to come up with something very soon that will help us Launch this pack...Any ideas? Let me hear your thoughts!!! Thanks!!

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    Go very quickly to do some quick research.

    If you want to launch across the internet in a big way, get a group of TOP AFFILIATE marketers to grab onto your product. You'll need a website that can process sales.

    Some of these affiliate marketers already have high producing sites, that are targeted to your market, and are always looking for HOT new products and niches.

    It's worth a shot.

    If you don't have a website that can sell the product. You'll find some existing sites on CJ who can do the web sales process for you, and they'll work with their existing Affiliate Marketers to promote your products.

    You'll have to move quickly, these people are producing their products pages for Christmas season NOW.

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    backpacks are extremely uncomfortable and make you extra hot during a trail run, but i can see how it would be very functional to be able to carry one. if you bag is an improvement to all those drawbacks than your marketing campaign should highlight that.

    if your budget is tight, does that mean you don't have money to shoot a 30 second spot and place it in network? how about in local cable channels? imagine an ad like that tempur pedic ad that shows how a backpack is form fitting with the shape of your back and therefore doesn't cause any additional stress points on your back as you bounce up and down on a trail run. that would be cool.

    but if your budget doesn't allow, i would just buy keywords on google and overture.

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    Create a hot item. It doesn't need to be totally original; it can be something that you put a twist on and make up a fancy name, and use guerrilla advertising. e.g, I created years ago the "caprese gnochhi" - gnocchi, just in case, is that Italian potato dumpling. Instead of using only potato, I used ricotta and goat cheese. It was a blast, 50% of my profits came from that dish. About the advertising, you may try to read "Guerrilla Advertising" and "Guerrilla Marketing fo Free" - Jay Conrad Levinstogn lists hundreds os ideas there. Anothr thing I'd sugeest is to get online - it may be a website, a community, myspace, facebook, article marketing, etc, wher you talk to your clientele and keep in touch with their desiseres at the same time you presnt your restaurant. But, the sad part is what Edison said: 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration. You gotta do it. Baby steps, but constantly. Have fun!

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    Hi, perhaps you can try Google adwords to market your service/product.

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