Why AIDS is considered as vulnerable population?

what is the definition of vulnerable and why they are considered as one of the vulnerable groups in this country

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    vulnerable means: at risk or in danger


    1 : capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

    2 : open to attack or damage : ASSAILABLE <vulnerable to criticism>


    I don't understand the rest of your question... sorry... but I'll guess that you are trying to understand who is at risk of getting AIDS. Here is the answer:

    First:.......... AIDS is a disease.

    Second:......People get it from other people by having sex with them.

    Third:..........Some people are more at risk than others (they are vulnerable)

    Forth:..........What makes people at risk, (vulnerable,) is the way they have sex, how often they have sex, and the number of people they have sex with.

    Fifth:...........Gay men and Black men and people of some ethnic groups are considered more at risk than other groups. (known by keeping count.)

    If you've got that part... you'll get the rest on your own.

    Good Luck.

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    Vulnerable means that you are at risk or in danger of suffering physical or emotional harm. AIDS patients certainly fall into this category.

    First, you have to make a distinction between the population that is at risk of contracting AIDS, and the vulnerability of those who already suffer the disease.

    The most vulnerable groups vary from country to country. In the US it would be gay males, intravenous drug users, etc (I'm assuming you know this). However, in other countries you have other groups, like heterosexual married women, who contract it from their husbands, and children who are born with the disease.

    Once you're sick, you become part of a vulnerable population first because AIDS is incurable, and since you're immuno supressed, you can't fight off infections. That, obviously, puts you at risk.

    Another reason why AIDS patients are vulnerable is the stigma associated with AIDS. Some people still believe that all AIDS patients contracted the disease through unsafe sex, which they engaged in willingly. This leaves out at-risk populations, like health care workers, who can contract the disease by accident.

    Since there is a stigma attached to AIDS, patients are vulnerable to discrimination, which can lead to emotional distress. Also, AIDS being incurable, patients are more likely to suffer from depression, etc.

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