I love pizza but my husband can`t eat cheese, please help?

I can`t have pizza anymore because my other half can`t stand cheese, he would like anything else, can anyone tell me if I can buy one without cheese or maybe make one with easy receipe thanks.


You have all been wonderful thank-you so much. great people on Answers. I will ask in a restuarant next time we go out, maybe next tuesday. no he is not a control freak in fact he is great, tells me to get what I like but I want him to get what he likes too.

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    Go to Asda - they make them up for you and you can choose your own toppings - so just get your hubby one with no cheese at all.!

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    Got from the link below,

    Recipe: No-cheese pizza

    I've had my pizza with very little or no cheese for a long time now. If you use good tomato sauce and add herbs (oregano, basil) and crushed garlic on top of the pizza after cooking you will soon get used to the no-cheese option.

    Use a bit more of the sauce and spread it evenly. As a base topping use something that isn't in very chunky (finely chopped ham or flaked tuna works well, as well as quite finely chopped veggies like red pepper). This way the chunky bits will stay on top of the pizza more easily. Cook as you'd cook a pizza with cheese, but keep an eye on the pizza towards the end of cooking to prevent it from getting overcooked.

    My fav topping when pizza made with no cheese is tuna, onion, jalopeno and pineapple. Basically anything you like can be used as topping, but like I said you should have something quite finely chopped as a base. Pizza made this way is very nice when you fold it and have it as lunch the following day (no sticky fingers) :-D

    If you want you can crush the garlic beforehand (say, at least two hours before you're planning to eat) and add some oil to it. You don't need a lot of garlic oil to get all the flavour!


    I can't eat tomatoes so feel I miss out on pizza. Hope you enjoy your pizza. :-)

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    Many pizza chains will do half-and-half pizzas with a different set of toppings on each half. Just order one half with no cheese and it should keep you both happy. Otherwise if you go to Pizza Express (Some of the best pizzas in the world there IMHO) They have 4 different pizzas that come without cheese anyway. Two are called 'pizzas bianca' and I'm not sure about the others.

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    Do you think he would like soy cheese? It's not as good (to the cheese eater) as dairy cheese but it's a good alternative. When I make it at home I just pick up some of the Boboli and crusts put a little spiced tomato paste on the crust and put what ever I want on top; left over grilled chicken, vegetables, hamburger, etc. Then of course cheese but you don't have to put it on or make two pizza's and put it on one and not the other. Enjoy!

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    I've gone 9 years having to order pizzas without cheese for my children who have severe allergies to cheese....we got funny looks the first few years, but eventually, they got used to the idea...there were a few places that REFUSED to make pizzas without cheese, but the vast majority were willing to substitute mushrooms or onions, or other toppings for the cheese we were'nt getting without extra charge.

    There are also a few good cheese substitutes out there if it's the dairy he has a problem with.

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    1 decade ago

    Buy Pizza one with cheese one without cheese

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    My aunt can't have cheese either, but she goes out for pizza all the time. Pizza places will make a pie with no cheese-

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    my boyfriend is the same - and I love pizza too!

    You can buy ready made pizza bases from most supermarkets and its fun decorating them yourself. (tomato, olives, chilli, peperoni, bacon, mushrooms... yum!)

    Pizza works surprisingly well without cheese especially if there's something else a bit greasy on, like peperoni.

    If you are ordering then places will do it with no cheese, all restaurants we've tried and domino's and pizza hut will do either no cheese or half and half with no fuss.

    hope that helps.

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    I'm assuming your husband is allergic to cheese and/or dairy products since you didn't say, but if he is allergic to it then there should be some soy product out there as an alternative, the only thing is I've never heard of one. Just do some research and see what you can come up with.

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    You can buy pizza bases, and then maybe do one half cheese the other with a variety of things. but i can't think of a very good cheese substitue right now!

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    What kind of cheese is he allergic to? If he's only allergic to cheese made from cows milk, make a pizza with goats milk cheese on it instead?

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