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In the U.K.?

Does anybody in the U.K. know anybody with the last name Goldsworth? Where do thaey live?

Are there any place names Goldsworth out side of Surrey?

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    I can't necessarily tell you where they are living now, but I can tell you where they were dying between 1984 and 2004:

    Name Birth Date Death Registration Month/Year Death Age (est) District Inferred County

    Arthur William Goldsworth 7 May 1898 Nov 1987 89 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Charles John Goldsworth 10 Mar 1897 Dec 1987 90 Cheltenham Gloucestershire

    Doris Eva Goldsworth 26 Dec 1899 May 1991 91 Colchester Essex

    Florence Goldsworth 26 Aug 1908 Nov 1985 77 Stockport Cheshire, Lancashire

    George Edward Goldsworth 3 Nov 1919 May 1987 67 Norwich Norfolk

    Mabel Florence R Goldsworth 31 Jan 1891 Jan 1985 93 Norwich Norfolk

    Nellie Goldsworth 14 Mar 1896 Jan 1995 98 Haringey London

    Nellie Irene Goldsworth 27 Feb 1900 Sep 1987 87 Derby Derbyshire

    Nora Lavinia Goldsworth 27 Dec 1915 May 2000 84 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Norman Harding Goldsworth 23 May 1909 May 2001 91 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Phyllis Goldsworth 19 Jan 1908 May 2001 93 Cheltenham Gloucestershire

    Reginald Edward Goldsworth 15 Nov 1899 Apr 1985 85 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Ronald Frederick Goldsworth 5 Feb 1905 Jun 1987 82 Norwich Outer Norfolk

    Sybil Irene Goldsworth 8 Nov 1898 Oct 1991 92 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    William Harry Goldsworth 27 Nov 1922 Apr 1995 72 Taunton Deane Somerset

    Also where they were being born:

    Name Mother's Maiden Surname Date of Registration District County (inferred)

    Emma Rose Clark Goldsworth Mar 1997 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Thomas George Clark Goldsworth Sep 1994 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Hayley Ann Curtis Goldsworth Jun 1984 Southampton Hampshire

    Daniel Nathan Goldsworth Skelton Jul 2001 Peterborough Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire

    Ethan Samuel Goldsworth Skelton May 2004 Peterborough Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire

    Fraser William Goldsworth Moss Dec 1995 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Harriet Lucy Goldsworth Moss Apr 1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

    Natasha Marie Goldsworth Wilson Jul 1984 Bristol Gloucestershire

    Sabia Flame T Goldsworth Goldsworthy Mar 1992 Waltham Forest London

    Catherine Bartlett V Heasman Goldsworth Apr 2000 Cambridge Cambridgeshire

    Edward James J Heasman Goldsworth Jul 2001 Cambridge Cambridgeshire

    Alexandra Grace D Sacker Goldsworth Sep 2002 Tunbridge Wells Kent

    Molly Victoria D Sacker Goldsworth May 2000 Hammersmith London

    Katy Louise Shephard Goldsworth Aug 1986 West Super Mare Somerset

    And married:

    Name Spouse Surname Date of Registration District County (inferred)

    Maxwell A Davey Goldsworth Nov 2002 Mid Devon Devon

    Aidan P Goldsworth Moss Nov 1991 South Staffordshire Staffordshire

    David M Goldsworth Temple Oct 2001 Hampshire North Hampshire

    Jane M Goldsworth Heasman Sep 1995 Westminster London

    Melissa J Goldsworth Davey Nov 2002 Mid Devon Devon

    Suzanne V Goldsworth Sacker Sep 1998 Uttlesford Essex

    Laurence J F Heasman Goldsworth Sep 1995 Westminster London

    Nicola J Moss Goldsworth Nov 1991 South Staffordshire Staffordshire

    Richard P D Sacker Goldsworth Sep 1998 Uttlesford Essex

    Julie M Temple Goldsworth Oct 2001 Hampshire North Hampshire

    I did not find any place names.

    Source(s): Ancestry.com
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