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why does windows allow users to edit system files?

I think system files should be read only,,,,,...............

your omments plese

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    You can make the system files read only for users on NTFS file systems. Actually, starting from Windows 2000, all versions of Windows has system file protection, where the modified or deleted system files are automatically replaced by the system and you don't even see any notification about it.

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    WIndows allows users logged on as administator do things that might be needed but this type of log in is not meant for youngsters or people that do not know what they are doing.

    Set up an user account without these privileges for inexperienced uses and password protect the admin account so they do not have access.

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    It is a sort of failsafe mechanism. If a virus or something messes them up, and then you can fix the file or replace it, then you are screwed. If it wasn't read only, then you can edit it and change it.

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    Its true if the user is haveing administrator rights users can make changes into it. try making limited user.

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