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What's going on with the K-State football program to make several players leave?

Could those of you who keep close tabs on NCAA Division I football explain why some players are leaving the K-State program? So far, three quarterbacks have left and one tight end is wanting to leave. Ron Prince is the new coach there, and he is installing a new offence.

For those of you who had new coaches hired for your favorite programs, did this happen there too? Were there some players who left the program because of dissatisfaction with the new coach or the new offence, the new defense, etc.? Were those coaches still successful? Please try to answer in a non-biased way.

Also, who do you think will win the Big 12 North and South.

My picks are: Nebraska for the North and Texas for the South.

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    You pretty much answered your own question. New coach brings in a different style of offense. The players were recruited according to the style of O a team runs. If the style is changed, they will seek a new school that would be able to show their talent.

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    The main states that produce football players are the following . Texas, California , Florida and Ohio and Pennsylvania as well as New York don't forget Illinoise. Why? these are the most populated states. Right now the edge goes to Texas but as it has in the past it'll rotate who knows maybe Florida will regain it's glory or California.

  • its all messed up

    and same picks

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