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can anyone explain me briefly the movie siryana?

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    * Rating: StarStarStarStar

    * Genre: Drama

    * Movie Type: Political Thriller, Docudrama

    * Themes: Political Corruption, Political Unrest, Boardroom Jungle

    * Director: Stephen Gaghan

    * Main Cast: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, William Hurt

    * Release Year: 2005

    * Country: US

    * Run Time: 128 minutes

    * MPAA Rating: R


    Oil drives greed in Oscar-winning Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan's labyrinthine sophomore directorial effort that traces the corruption of the global oil industry from the backrooms of Washington, D.C., to the petroleum-rich fields of the Middle East. Based in part on the writings of former CIA case officer Robert Baer, Syriana combines multiple storylines to explore the complexities that befall a proposed merger between two U.S. oil giants. Reform-minded Gulf country prince Nasir (Alexander Siddig) is in favor of making his nation more self-sufficient rather than U.S.-reliant, and his money-minded Western connections couldn't be less pleased. Before settling into a cushy desk job for the remainder of his career, CIA agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney) is sent on one last assignment -- to assassinate Prince Nasir and reinstate U.S. ties in the oil-rich region. Though his loyalty dictates that Barnes carry out his current mission despite lingering doubts of a previous blunder, his mission goes horribly awry when his field contact goes turncoat and Barnes becomes a CIA scapegoat. Meanwhile, up-and-coming Washington attorney Bennett Holiday (Jeffrey Wright) attempts to walk a fine line in overseeing a tenuous merger between two oil giants that's plagued with shady business dealings. Hotshot energy analyst Bryan Woodman (Matt Damon) is in talks to form a lucrative partnership with Prince Nasir, though the death of his son during a party at the prince's estate makes him question his loyalty to business over family. Back in Washington, D.C., Bennet's boss Dean Whiting attempts to undermine Prince Nasir's attempts to make his country less reliant on the U.S. dollar by planting the seeds of dissonance between the progressive prince and his money-minded younger brother Prince Meshal (Akbar Kurtha). ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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    Yeah, it's kind of like real life.

    Various US espionage agencies with competing secret agendas get caught up in the affairs of a Middle Eastern oil sheikdom. The family has an aging father at its head and two sons, one who wishes to be progressive and help the average middle eastern man, the other being evil and ambitious and willing to do horrible things to gain power. The US's main interest is to preserve the flow of oil, and care nothing about the average middle eastern person. George Clooney plays an agent caught in the middle of the espionage who discovers that his own government is supporting the ambitions of the evil son in order to consolidate power in the country of Syriana.

    In the end the US assasinates the moderate son and clearly supports the old repressive regime that has stirred up the anger of the common middle eastern man against both their imperial rulers and the sceret meddling of the US.

    Like I say, sort of a thumbnail picture of the real world.

    I thought it was a terrific movie. Hard to follow, I imagine, for Americans who have never thought much about the class war of the Middle East that has led to what we see going on around us...

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    Siryana is a film that uses a number of different characters to explane every aspect of the coruption that plages the oil industry. The film then used its characters to show how that corruption effects nearly everyone and everything in the middle east. For example because the two oil workers lost their job with the oil company, they eventually bombed an oil tanker in retaliation causing innocent life to be lost. There are other themes in Siryana, but "The effects of corruption" is the biggest one.

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