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Catholic Church corruption.?

Why does the Vatican have so much power. I can find no where in the bible where God said, this man is my word on earth, that sounds more like the Mormon idea of a Prophet than a Christain priest. And the plunder. I've been to the Vatican, the artifacts, the riches, the money it makes, the way it commercailizes christianity sickens me. The idea of Limbo. No where in the bible. Was invented in the middle ages when the poor serfs were unable to read and the church took advantage of them. The Catholic church should own up to the sins appart in the way it has acted and the way it acts now, holding on to all its earthy riches and the idea of a God-man (the pope). Where did all the corruption come from?

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    J.C. told St. Peter, something like this (read more carefully the Bible to see in His own words the dialog): "You are a stone and over you I'll build my church".

    St. Perter was the first Pope and the actual Pope is a suscessor of St. Peter.

    The Pope is not a God and catholic people don't see him like a God.

    You have the information twisted and/or wrong, that's why you can't figure out what's going with the catholic church.

    If you was in the Vatican, there, someone could have help you with your doubts.

    By the way, the limbo is a place that teologist use to explain where the souls go when people dies without baptism, the Bible says that no one will go to heaven (with other words, off course) without baptism, but theologist don't wanted to call that place inferno, so the limbo is used to explain where the inocent souls that are not baptised go.

    And yes, the vatican is rich, no church can operate with efectivenes with out resources, or do you think musulm, budist or other christians churches are starbing without a penny?, the rich of the vatican is because of his too many years serving and because all the people that donates parts of his incomes in favor of the church and yes so the church can exercise its ministery, and yes, there's corruption, but not all the church is corrupt, the church is administrated by men (and you know we're not perfect) and like everywhere in every religion, there are good people and bad people.

    I wonder if you have a religion, if you do, what would you think about your religion, is clean and perfect?

    Excuse my english, I'm not very good speaking it or writing it.

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    Oh dear. Well. You certainly have some misunderstandings about Catholicism.

    I wouldn't say the Vatican has much power at all. God has the power. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. That IS in the bible. The pope is just one who came after Peter.

    Theology - the study of God - is were we get Limbo. The church didn't "invent" it to con poor people. Learned men who study scripture to answer questions are theologists.

    The Catholic church has made public apologies for some things it has done wrong. I'm still waiting for similar apologies from Lutherans, Anglicans, Calvinists, Muslims.

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    When Jesus left He instructed the disciples to build His Kingdom and Peter was to be in charge of the building committee. The early Christians as they were called, by people that needed to give them a title, were beginning to own all of the shipping lanes and the cattle, and the businesses, and land. This became a threat to the Roman government so they got together with a few lay church people, and decided it would be best to create some kind of government backed doctrine. The reason was so the governments could control the Children of God. The best way to do this was to bring back some of the rules and regulations of the old Jewish Church. We now needed a Pope/politician type leader to set in a position of power that could be influenced by the governments and even have it's own little government. This way those crazy people would not spread their cult like practices through out the land, and create a anarchy environment. No longer were the people able to dance in the Spirit of God and even talk in a wierd language in public. Only the so called church leaders could read and proclaim the holy books and no one could any longer have a personel relationship with God unless it was through one of their appointed priests. Hum sound familiar? thus was born the Government like church. The rest is history.

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    You can't find where in the Bible God Said to follow the Pope? I'll show you: It is the Gospel according to St. Matthew chapter 16, where Christ Tells St. Peter: "Thou art Peter & Upon this Rock, I Will Build My Church."

    The Papacy goes all the way back to St. Peter.

    All the money that the Catholic Church makes goes to the poor in developing nations. The Vatican has more charities than any other nation. The Catholic Church does not commercialize Christianity. Do you want to know who commercializes Christianity? I'll tell you who: Televangelists!! That's who!!!

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    I'd be more than happy to respond to your question if you would pair it down to a single question with a bit less ranting.

    I will say, however, that the pope is NOT a "God-man." The church developed an institution (meaning, a structure of being, something that many other Christian denominations have) and in this particular institution, the pope is a man who is elected to act as a spiritual leader and head of the church. But when you get down to it, he's just another bishop. Chill out already.

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    I agree with some of what you are saying. If you go to the bible and read Jeremiah, it explains all that is happening in the church today.

    I don't understand how people can honestly say they love GOD and in the same step worship the pope as if he were.

    Also, has everyone forgotten their history lessons in elementary school on the holy wars, or the world wars and the connection the church has had with all of them?

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    There is one true church and that is Gods church itself he instructed in the bible how it was to be and people over time got bored with it and broke off and done their own thing. Thats why we have so many religions today. But there will always be only one church. God is not a God of confusion it says so in the bible so why would he misdirect everybody with how to worship? Its all of the people these days they want it to be fun and they corrupt it

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    corruption from the churches date wayyy back. even in the Bible it talks about the corruption in the churches. (tho not necessarily catholic) it was the churches who crucified christ because he spoke against them. Catholicisim is just a religion in it for political power. Your right too, nowhere in the Bible does it say believe in the pope. in all reality everyone worshipping the pope as if hes a great messiah is a bit against the religion itself. nto to mention the reason Christ preached against the church was due to the money it squandered from the people attending, saying "you need to tithe" well jesus didnt say give to the church he said give to the needy. The pope in my opinion is far from needy. Catholics held power in politics for long time, in the Roman empire it held a vast majority of the decisions to be made over conquering and forcing religion on others. (conquistadors - spanish catholic group that roamed the americas slaughtering indians who wouldnt convert and forcing the rest to convert, is just one example)

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    greg w,

    It came when the Roman Catholic Church became a 'state church.'

    Hence the separation of church and state in the US. Which has been corrupted as well in it's meaning.

    Popery having brought various innovations into the Church, and overspread the Christian world with darkness and superstition, some few, who plainly perceived the pernicious tendency of such errors, determined to show the light of the Gospel in its real purity, and to disperse those clouds which artful priests had raised about it, in order to blind the people, and obscure its real brightness.

    The principal among these was Berengarius, who, about the year 1000, boldly preached Gospel truths, according to their primitive purity. Many, from conviction, assented to his doctrine, and were, on that account, called Berengarians. To Berengarius succeeded Peer Bruis, who preached at Toulouse, under the protection of an earl, named Hildephonsus; and the whole tenets of the reformers, with the reasons of their separation from the Church of Rome, were published in a book written by Bruis, under the title of "Antichrist."

    By the year of Christ 1140, the number of the reformed was very great, and the probability of its increasing alarmed the pope, who wrote to several princes to banish them from their dominions, and employed many learned men to write against their doctrines.

    Source(s): Foxe's Book of Martyrs
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    This comes from the Church's former position as the most powerful political machine humankind has seen. Despite the fact that the Church is now powerless, the corruption from the "glory days" still thrives.

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