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Is there anywhere i can exchange italian lira & french francs for euros?

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Is there anywhere i can exchange italian lira & french francs for euros?

I was on a trip to Italy about 6 years ago,when i was moving i discovered i had a suitcase full of french francs and lira is is there anyway i can exchange them or should i just throw them away i have about 80,000 francs and 200million lira


to the ppl that said it wasnt 200 million lire we counted its four hundred 500,000 lire notes

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    200 million lira is about 100.000 (one hundred thousand dollars) if you send them to me i will manage to exchange them, but you should let me keep a gooD 25%


    i think you have only 200 thousand liras... i think that you can change them only at the banca d'italia in rome, via xx settembre.

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    I was living in Italy when the lire was introduced, and the commercials on TV said that after a certain date (in 2002), lire could only be exchanged at the Banca d'Italia.

    Are you sure you have 200 million lire? That's over $100,000. And you have about $16,000 in francs. Why can't I ever find money like that in a suitcase?

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    Oh how sad. That's a lot of francs and lire to have held onto in a suitcase.

    I think they are defunct since they are no longer in use.

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    Perhaps all is not lost. Here's a New York Times article:

    Plan a trip to each of those countries within the next five years or so, go to the national bank and voilà!

    Hope that helps!

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    You can usually exchange foreign currency in the U.S. in any NATIONAL bank... it will have the word "National" in it's name.

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    you can like send money to this place or exchange it at an airport!

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